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This week, I lapsed and had a weekday beer. Bad me, but I think I have made up for it with some interesting music and comment here. Abbey Road up for sale, who do you thinks going to buy it? My take on The Brit awards, who is Lady Gaga anyway, and Geek Barbie, she’ll be stripped in seconds.
You will hear:

  1. Falling Asleep, by Bless – Italy
    Bless - Staring At Statics Fragments of Dark Light - Falling Asleep
  2. We didn’t mean to go to sea, by Toodar – UK
    Toodar - White Elephant EP - We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea
  3. A Lost Michaelangelo, by The Daylight Faded – UK
  4. Virgin, by Elisabeth Blair -USA
  5. 2012, by Sink to See – USA
    Sink To See - 2012 - 2012
  6. Hot Air (Alternative), by Spidersleg – UK
  7. Lovely Weather, by The Vandelles – USA
    The Vandelles - S/t EP - Lovely Weather
  8. Neon Stars, by The Skylife – USA
    Theskylife - Roots and Wings - Neon Stars
  9. Inside the Haunted House, by Devilish Presley – UK
    Devilish Presley - Flesh Ride - Inside the Haunted House
  10. Dub Like Blood, by Shakerman – France

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