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Giant Wow

This week, Still all about Rage against the machine again this week, and 50 Cent wants to do a duet with Susan Boyle. Music Rights firms want more money from Charities.

You will hear:

  1. Cosmonaut, by Giant Wow – USA
    Giant Wow - Hey Girl - Cosmonaut
  2. Broken, by Fear No Fish – UK
  3. Lakeside, by Enderbys Room – UK
  4. Best foot on the ground, by Callel – Scotland
    Callel - Body Discovery - Best Foot On the Ground
  5. Perfectly Flawed, by Ahmond – USA
    Ahmond - Monster & Minstrel - Perfectly Flawed
  6. One Day, by The Transients – Australia
    The Transients - One Day - EP - One Day
  7. One of Us, by Black Arrow – Moldova
  8. Tripped, by The Word Virus Essay – Wales
  9. Wake up, by Smoke Fish – France
    Smoke Fish - Life Ain't Pink - Wake Up
  10. Because The Night is So Perfectly Full, by The Temple Cloud Country Club – UK

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