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DCMS 28 Cellos Ahoy!

A long time coming, but some great music nonetheless.

You will hear:

  1. Emerge and Be, by Angher – France
    Angher - Hidden Truth - Emerge and Be
  2. Deny, by Betrayed by Sorrow – USA
    Betrayed By Sorrow - After the Fall - Deny
  3. Pusher, by Owl – USA
    Owl - Owl - Pusher
  4. Blood from a Stone, by Hollow Sin – UK
  5. Heroines, by Diablo Swing Orchestra – Sweden
    Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom - Heroines
  6. Axe to Fall, by Converge – USA
  7. The Perfect Bitch, by Bullets and Octane – USA
    Bullets and Octane - Laughing In the Face of Failure - The Perfect Bitch
  8. Sarah, by Pythia – UK
    Pythia - Beneath the Veiled Embrace - Sarah (Bury Her)

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