DarkCompass 387 Ditchin' the License

The Kiara Elles

This week,Calming down for the weekend. Interview with The Kiara Elles, The return of Graham Cobbett, and his fight against Dell and Microsoft. Noise pollution, courtesy of Madonna, Lily bashing and Neo-luddites. The demise of Vic Mizzy, and not paying attention to Nick Griffin.
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Podcrawl 04 confirmed

Podcrawl 4 is confirmed for November 21st in London.
Be sure to come, details can be found at the Facebook event page, or visiting the Podcrawl Blog.
People will be twittering with the hashtag #podcrawl, and we’d like to get it into the Twitter trends list on the day.
More news as we get it.


We are also doing a charity run to promote Prostate Cancer awareness, and growing Moustaches too, check out http://uk.movember.com/mospace/399578
for more info