DarkCompass 313 – Anarchy, Justice and Gaming

Future Kings This week, looking forward to the weekend. Cava! Affiliation, and Justice for the death of the goth girl in Lancaster PodCast Paul’s strife. More streaming news. GTA IV stabbing , why open stores at midnight? Traffic offences, including more mobile phone use


Music From

  • Drop Alive (Jamendo, Italy)
  • Ruth Theodore (Jamendo, UK)
  • Scarlet BLONDE (UK) Scarlet Blonde - Fuse'd EP - Fuse
  • The Real Tuesday Weld (Six Degrees Records, UK) The Real Tuesday Weld - Backspin - A Six Degrees 10 Year Anniversary Project - The Day Before You Came
  • The Future Kings of Nowhere (USA) The Future Kings of Nowhere - The Future Kings of Nowhere - 10 Simple Murders
  • EchoBliss (USA)
  • DieCast (Century Media Records, USA) Diecast - Internal Revolution - Nothing I Could Say
  • The Search (afmusic, Danse Macabre Records, Sweden) The Search - Saturnine Songs
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