#293 – Arse in air, fuel to burn

Losing Sun

A nice week, chillin’ with the family, and training courses – worth it? Thanks for the comments, more please. Still no sign of those lost CDs. We find out the winner of the Our Lunar Activities competition. More shows in the pipeline, AMPed show I’m hosting in a weeks time, and a new show Made in the UK, still in development. Power Cuts a la Squirrel, Beer is good for you, but it’s found it’s going to get more expensive. Fuel in the UK has now reached $6 a gallon. and Death by Cellphone

Music From

  • Emigrate
  • Losing Sun
  • Gazebo Penguins
  • Our Lunar Activities
  • Nelson Bragg
  • No use for a Name
  • SunSailor
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    BitJobs for The Masses #181

    Indie, Metal and Drum and Bass assault your ears this week with a selection of some of the best UK has to offer.
    Cancel the Astronauts – http://www.canceltheastronauts.co.uk
    Visionary Underground – http://www.visionaryunderground.com
    Los Campesinos – http://www.loscampesinos.com
    Forgotten Sleep – http://www.forgottensleep.com
    Kenai – http://www.myspace.com/kenaiuk
    Paisley Riot – http://www.paisleyriot.co.uk

    #291 – Website Verson Whatever

    German listeners? Early Days, and late nights, Website Change (again), Local pub has Adnams, verbal lubrication. Inside my Head, and novel writing. Children in Need, donating small change, BBC Jersey get their kit off, and Gene Simmons Fucks Up. Sell cheap, get more. Spending too much, state of the economy.
    Music from:

  • Angelspit
  • The Bled
  • Retrigger
  • Antiqcool
  • The Orb
  • Pan Out Now
  • Zombina and The Skeletones

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