The Resurrection of BitJobs

I contacted Phil Coyne from Bitjobs for the Masses and The Meltdown Podcasts wondering what the state of play was for BftM. Initially I thought that the show, very popular in it’s day, was now an empty deck, and I wanted to revive it, just a music show for UK bands, something a little different to DarkCompass. Phil was thinking about it, and in that few moments (well about an hour), I posted up a demo like show. This has become the latest show for BftM. Unfortunatly the original site has now become a careers page, but Phil has put up a page here. Go and Check it out, you can of course Stream/Download from the play button link below. I’m hoping this is going to be a regular thing – giving inspiration to Phil, and encourage listeners back to BITJOBS FOR THE MASSES!