#284 – Vend Everything

This week, rekindling my interest in Zappa, mad laws again, and a book that interests me – You can get arrested for that.. The Pennsylvania Ninjas, and a Virus Writer get top job in China. Statistics and damn statistics. Buying music, Momspit. Google sponsor vending machines in Japan, and “effortless payments” in London.
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  • I Synthesist
  • Chance
  • Von Iva
  • Veincage
  • Dam(Plastichead/Candlelight Records)
  • Jade Leary
  • #283 – No Live Transmission

    My week in review, the TV license fee – and a breakdown there of. Alternatives. Sex Pistols Reform as well as Led Zepplin – will they rekindle their old time goodness? IPlayer and 4oD solutions. A couple divorce over kinky chat on the web, and The Andromeda Strain for real.
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  • TweakerSix Degrees Records
  • The Dead Kennedys
  • DJ? Accucrack Video (200mb)
  • Serotone
  • Tasha’s LaughterBuy>
  • Dimension ZeroBuy
  • #282 – Overly Dispensed

    I want to expand my interaction with you – how do you absorb this show? Mobile phone records video of me getting a signed copy of a new album. Hammond crashes again, life insurance and someone wants to behead Madonna and Britney. Ice Cream dispenser – the more depressed the bigger the portion, and comfort food. Trent wants you to download for free. I’m on Desert Island Geek next week, and replies from by Big Brother comments last week.
    (and yes, I have a pop shield!)
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  • October File
  • The Dethkats
  • Koopa
  • Hazmat
  • Dangerdoom
  • Jade Leary

  • #281 – Just do something

    Boring Week, certification. Still in London. BBC iplayer and 4oD Apple Mac solution. No to Catherine Tate. Do something that benefits the world not like Vipp and the gold dustbin, more like The Solar Powered Water purification unit.. Anti Spam measures and misspelt emails. Badly prepped salmon kills 15 (and yes, I need a pop shield!)
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  • Stellar Corpses
  • Thomas Dolby
  • Amber Brooke Band
  • Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and Monk
  • Zombie Girl
  • Lab64
  • WreckDom