#267 – White Vans vs Audi vs Volvo

25th May 2007

AmnestyNot work safe

Driving fustrations, too dangerous – Audi drivers thing they own the world! McDonalds wants the McJob definition changing, odd word definitons, new words, new religions. iGasm – the girls new mp3 accessory. iPod amnesty at Microsoft HQ. Wasteful money on pointless research like Viagra filled hamsters, and war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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#266 – Mannequins

Farewell RedemptionI need to learn something practical. Mobile phones, why do they need to do everything? One place, one point of failure. Bread with everything buggered about with, Folic Acid debate. The Guinness book of records, and a Sofa land speed record. White van man and are women actually better drivers? Lara Croft puts a Manchester man in the dock.

Homework Assignment:

Following instructions, report on stupid driving acts.

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DarkCompass 265

Getting rid of Lgo and life’s clutter. Kids decadence, new site, minimalism. The Dub Zone, new podcast from Pete Cogle. Second life virtual pedophilia, iPods killing old people, and Cocaine – the new energy drink! The new Dyson Vacuum Cleaner arrives. General Lee and the eBay hoaxing. JK Rowlings reward offer and 1m+ pre-ordered books.
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