DarkCompass # 213

Once year on, are we safer. The mentality of people, especially glamour models like Jodie Marsh (see picture, tells you all). Fake advertising space, advertising funny things of the back of a imminent disaster! Getting more involved with AMP. More Doctor Who stuff, playing with a full sized train set, and Swearing at inanimate objects, will lead to an ASBO

Music from:

  • Jade Leary
  • Lisa Bebenidictus
  • Skinflick
  • Additional Moog
  • Arthur Loves Plastic
  • Lust and Found
  • Fire Bug

    96 kbps, 44100hz, 48 minutes

    Podshow PDN {podshow-bae4fd4d3bcfac28a10704e202f5a42b}

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