Enhanced Podcasts a la Jade Leary

Jade has making enhanced podcasts using AAC instead of MP3.

They are only compatible with iTunes and the iPod at the moment, but it allows you to see and navigate chapters, have pictures and live urls. Even with these added bonuses, the file size is slightly smaller than the standard podcast.

Novel. Not seen this type before, people have been lookling to see if they can do this kind of stuff with mp3, but the format is not versatile enough to support it, looks like Jade’s hit the nail on the head with this “multimedia” podcasts format, albeit for only iPod/iTunes users for the time being.

Might give me an incentive to get an iPod.

Check it out at jadeleary.com, and take you iPod with you.

Comments on this please, it would be good to know what people think of this.

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