The London explosions, my thoughts

It surprising that after all these years since 9/11, people have started to become apathetic to terrorism, until again it happens, like this to local soil.

Terrorism doesn’t work, bombing is not productive. This sparks off more hatred towards them, their creed and their cause, the terrorists reason behind this kind of thing is lost, amongst the the debris.

If only people could find out the reason why fanatics do this, then I’m sure it can be talked out, a peaceful solution.

If it is western cultures fault, imperial oppression from 150 years ago, we could say sorry, what can we do to make amends. We could progress as a global community.

In this day and age, and with a global population as large as it is, these things are forgotten after the media has focused on something else, that the depressing part of it too.

I extend my thoughts to the people that have been effected by this, and thankful that no one I know directly has been effected. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed me and expressed their concerns.

Love to all.

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