Torn between two downloads

Enlighten me.

I am using two aggregations. Nimiq and iTunes.

Now I’m kind of tied to iTunes because I bought the latest White Stripes album from it. The podcasting facility is good. But not as good as Nimiq.

As I don’t have an iPod, I have to resort to using Shuffler, which is a great program to transfer from a load of sub directories to my mp3 player. Work a treat, and have used this to transfer itunes mp3 and nimiq mp3.

iTunes of course uses protected mp4 files, which is a damned pain. Windows Media player recognizes my mp3 player and strips the DRM stuff for play when iTunes — well, I have to resort to jHymn to unlock.

What do I do, kill iTunes (unblock all the downloads I have done and transfer), or Nimiq for my podcatching needs.

You decide for me, I’ve had enough of fighting with this.

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