The Strangerhood

A group of people with amnesia are subjected to strange things a la Big Brother in this Sims 2 adventure. Now on it’s sixth episode.

Really funny, characters include Geek, Dude, Prissy Queen and Psycho Redneck. There has already been one mysterious death.

Wired News: Podcasting Killed the Radio Star: “The world’s first all-podcast radio station will be launched on May 16 “
Joel Hollander, the CEO of Infinity, said the station, which would be promoted under the name KYOURADIO, would run material submitted by listeners but screened to make sure it conforms with federal broadcasting standards for decency.
Well that blows Dawn and Drew out the window then!
Kyouradio, they’ve talked to a couple of people about getting podcasts on AM Radio in the states. Another company trying to get free content for a radio station no one will hear.