DarkCompass 22

DarkCompass Podcast 22
56kbps, 9.6mb, 24mins

Work, wind down for paternity.
No skyping whilst away.
Music Interlude … email me who you think this is
BMI and ASCAP costs on music copyrights.
What would I spend £300 on?
Music Interlude … lounge versions
UK News, the engagement of the Royal Jug-eared one, and the one holding the puppet strings.
Is this a good thing for royality?
Music Interlude … God is un-american?
One from Richard Vobes
Yahoo Messenger
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Weekend Podcast?

DarkCompass 21

Darkcompass Podcast 21

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9.8 mb, 21 mins


Morning panic


Not with Vikki and Graeme this evening.

Lost money.

Music Interlude by …


ASCAP and Adam Curry

PPL, and PRS

Give it up, weblog only?

Ask the Artist.

Had enough

Musical Interlude by …

Ellen McArthur

Comments please

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Leave every thing behind…..