DarkCompass 17

DarkCompass PodCast 17

Monday 31st Jan 05

25 minutes


The drive podcast, weird.

Richard Vobes Radio Show


Internet Connections

Bandwidth Guzzling

Is Wardriving ethical?

Musical Interlude

Visit to Graeme and Vikkis

On standby

My Pods prediction

Baby names (Raine, Ophelia, Tuesday?)


Musical Interlude

Whatever happened to American Headcharge?

Nu Metal old


Podcast Paul

PodcastCon UK

Hire the Birmingham NEC?

Podcasting the Future? Get rid of Radio?

Radio Podcasts

Sign off

A word from our Listeners


Music from:

Beatallica – Leper Madonna

American Head Charge – Just so you know (Live Ozfest UK 2002)

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