DarkCompass 10

Dark Compass PodCast 10

Live Journal is out of commission, but the mp3 file can be obtained from above.

Notes are going to be updated as soon as livejournal is up and running. Not sure when this is, but it’s been out for two days now. I bet that’s pissing off a few people.

I’m thinking of moving this page to blogspot to get bloggers rss feed working, as this is hosted elsewhere, and the atom xml file does not seem to work properly using blogger. This might relieve my two blog entries. however, this does help me, splitting one for podcasts and another (this one) for other things as well, Like Adam Curry.

Finished Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure, if you like british humour, and travel to countries for no reason other than obsession, you’ll love it.

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