DarkCompass Podcast 5

darkcompass: PodCast 5



PodCast 5 in the Pipe.

Got some feedback at last, a fellow brit windows user..

PodCasting for the Vision impaired..

Windows Hardware setup, Software setup for PodCasting.

PodCast/RSS with Thunderbird

Dial up ipodder.

India Prep, india tickets arrived – talk to Emyr about taxi

News – India. Thailand (Friends Dave Lumley and Colin Pegg).

Who’s responsible for Earthquakes?

In our time.

Music from:

Kozi – Incoherents

Midnight Snack – Blame it on Religion.

DarkCompass 4

darkcompass: DarkCompass PodCast 4

I discussed:

# PPL – Public Performance Licensing – The UK equivalent of the RIAA

# Pedro Brown – Turnaround

# Dan’s lack of Music

# Mozillas

Firefox, and Thunderbird

# Amazesofts FlashGet,and FlastGot

# In our time, BBC Future PodCasts?

# PodCasting with Windows, Adobe Audition

# Broadband

# Christmas

# India

# Clyde Federal – Staton Island Ferry

# India Weblog/Podcast futurette