DC757 Best of 2016

  1. DC710 Veer Union Defying Gravity (Canada)
  2. DC712 Inherit The Stars: Fortune Favours The Brave (Sheffield, UK)
  3. DC719 Sunburst: Out of The World (USA, Innerwound Records)
  4. DC723 Ventenner: Wave (from “Distorture”, London UK)
  5. DC734 Silverbones: Raiders of The New World (from “Wild Waves”, Italy, Stormspell Records)
  6. DC736 Evil Scarecrow: Hurricanado (Single, Nottingham, UK)
  7. DC738 Lacertilia: Ride With Us (from “We’re Already Inside Your Head”, Cardiff, Wales, Red Sun Sounds)
  8. DC739 A Higher Demise: It’s a Trap (from The Doctor Will See you Now, Kent, UK, Ambicon)
  9. DC741 King: My Destination The Stars (from Reclaim The Darkness, Melbourne, Australia)
  10. DC744 Hands off Gretel: One Eyed Girl (from “Burn The Beauty Queen”, London UK)
  11. DC745 Kingbreaker: Bury The Witness (from “To The Fire”, London, UK)


DC743 Prime Hypocrite

  1. Keychain: Prime Time (from “Breaking Out”, Photo Credit: Alex Panic, Zombie Shark Records,Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  2. Wardruna: Odal (Norway) Runaljod – Ragnarok Out 21 October 2016 http://wardruna.com
  3. Today Forever: Rocket of Love (from “Derangement”, Kassel, Germany) http://www.today-forever.net
  4. The Kreoles: Disease (from “Psycho”, Italy, Sliptrick Records) http://thekreoles.com
  5. Eohum: Eurocide (from “Ealdfaeder”, Montreal, Canada, Asher) http://eohum.bandcamp.com
  6. Skeletonwitch: Well of Despair (from The Apothic Gloom) https://www.facebook.com/skeletonwitch
  7. Lacertilia: Fire up The Engine of God (from “We’re Already inside your Head”, Cardiff, Wales) https://lacertilia-uk.bandcamp.com
  8. Winterlore: Spires of Ascension (Salt Lake City, USA) http://winterlore.bandcamp.com
  9. Contemplator: Art of Nothing (from Sonance, Quebec, Canada, Direct, Christan) https://contemplator.bandcamp.com
  10. The Reticent: The Hypocrite (from “On The Eve of A Goodbye”, Heaven & Hell Records, 5th October Charlotte,NC/Durham, NC, USA) http://www.thereticent.net