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Canyon of The Skull Release Debut

Good morning everyone!
Have a slice of Doom to start the day from Canyon of The Skull. Based in Austin Texas, This two track EP is due on the 30th, for now check out their 2013 Demo EP.

DC 698 Putrescent Money

  1. Mephorash: The Tree of Life Putrescent (from “1557 – Rites of Nullification”, Sweden)
  2. Synapses: Sickening Runes (from “Devoutness”, Italy)
  3. Certo Porcos: Hate Never Ends (from “Odio 666”, Brazil)
  4. New Cold War: Burn (Las Vegas, USA)
  5. Insanity: When (from “Visions of Apocalypse”, San Francisco, USA)
  6. Screaming at The Sun: Singularity (from “Screaming at The Sun”, Minneapolis, USA)
  7. Fuck the Facts: False Hope (from “Desire will Rot”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  8. Saints of Death: Revolution (from “Asher Media Back to School Sampler”, Vancouver, Canada)
  9. Tylor Dory Trio: Time, The Beholder (from “Carried Away”, Edmondton, Canada
  10. Sithu Aye: Senpai Please Notice Me (from “Senpai EP”, Glasgow, Scotland)
  11. The Hell: I’ve got loads of Money (from “Brutopia”, Watford, UK, Prosthetic Records)
The Hell - Photo by John Barnes
The Hell – Photo by John Barnes

DC697 Edge of The Deep

  1. Animal Hands: Edge of The World (Single Release)
  2. The Courtesans: Indigo (from “1917”, London, UK)
  3. The Deltorers: She Looks Nice (Bournmouth, UK)
  4. Kancho! : Paper Boat (from “Two Finger Salute”, Oxford, UK)
  5. Killing Joke: Euphoria (from “Pylon”, UK)
  6. Judd Madden: River (from “Waterfall II”, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)
  7. Tanagra: Antietam (from “None of This is Real”, Portland, Oregon, USA)
  8. Scale The Summit: Pontus Euxinus (from “V”, Texas, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  9. Descent from Aten: Circles (Clacton-On-Sea, UK)
  10. Black .44: Into The Grace (from “No Blanks”, Helsinki, Finland)
  11. Synapses: Force-Fed with Gore (from “Devoutness”, Italy)
  12. Gomorrah: A Disaster’s Nightmare (Single Release, British Colombia, Canada, Asher)
  13. Jusska: Swoon (Antwerp, Belgium)
  14. One Life Left: Beacons (Single Release, Birmingham, UK)
  15. Orca: Stitch (London, UK)
  16. Serocs: When the Ground Swallows Us (from And When The Sky was Opened”, Mexico)
  17. Horrendous: Polaris (from “Anareta”, East Coast, USA, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  18. New Cold War: Never Coming Home (Las Vegas, USA)
  19. Evertrapped: Underneath the Deep (from “Under the Deep”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)