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DC707 Drive

Another musical hero departs from this world.

10 bands listened to this week, some old (and remaster), and some new.

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DC706 Shakkakakka Sway

A new year and one without Lemmy. Hats off to the legend that make Rock and Roll what it is today.
I’ve been listening to a lot of new things over the break, so brace yourselves.
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DC705 Body Kings

Hope you’ve had a good festive break – now for new year. This is a mixtape of sorts as I’m away from my usual recording kit, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it anyway.

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DC704 Structural Oblivion

Winter Break does not stop me listening to great music.

This week lots of tunes from all around the world.

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DC703 We Bleed …

Celebrating 11 years of podcasting and things I did at the beginning are now common place, and a great selection this week from around the world.

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