DC674 Like Father Uncertain

  1. Shawn James & The Shapeshifters: Like Father Like Son (From The Gospel According to Shawm James and The Shapeshifters”, Arkansas, USA)
  2. Cold in Berlin: Natural Order (from “The Comfort of Loss & Dust”, UK, Candlelight)
  3. Swedish Death Candy: The Devils in the Window (from “So Long and Farewell”, London, UK)
  4. Ventenner: Six Blood (Single Release, UK)
  5. Psychomancer: Bastards Burn (from “Psychomancer”, USA, Orchestrated Misery Recordings, Clawhammer)
  6. Konqueror: T.R.T (Third Reich Today) (from “Embrace the Abyss” Faroe Islands)
  7. Encyrcle: To the End (from “Encyrcle”, Denmark, Unspeakable Axe Records, Clawhammer)
  8. Odium: Centipedes (Single Release, Ontario, Canada)
  9. Pohjoinen: Kuolema (from “Pohjoinen”, Helsinki, Finland)
  10. Choking on Illusions: Sleepwalker (from Rest/less”, Saarbrücken, Germany)
  11. Alfa Eridano Akhernar: Aztec War Metal (from “Aztec War Metal”, Mexico)
  12. XUL: Orbit of Nemesis (from “Extinction Necromance”, British Colombia, Canada)
  13. Leave The Living: Word of a Whore (from “Pacifist”, Red Deer, AB, Canada)
  14. Shattered Sun: The Ultimatum (Alice, Texas, USA, Victory Records)
  15. Shroud of Despondency: Underbelly (from “Family Tomb”, Wisconsin, USA)
  16. Wormreich: Feeding the Ouroboros (Alabama, USA)
  17. Pathways: Harlot (from “Harlot”, South Florida, USA)
  18. I am The Trireme: Trusty Noose (from Gnosis: Never Follow the Light, Philadelphia, USA)
  19. My Grimace: Candidates (from “Grim Serenades”, Jyväskylä, Finland)
  20. Grieved: Schemes (from “Samaritans”, Stockholm, Sweden)
  21. The Prestige: Leger De Main (from “Amer”, Paris, France)
  22. Prion: Uncertain Process (from “Uncertain Process”, Argentina, Comatose Records, Clawhammer)


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DCMS 69 Oooeerr

Back from a holiday jaunt only to find music collection gone. Never mind, at least my metal friends are good for another episode or two, and watching favourite and new bands (to me) is all so much more fun. Thanks to Erk FM Metal Monday for the dedication. Fourteen thundering tracks this time around from all around the world, enjoy.
Photo: Junius/Wolves Like Us Drumkit

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DCMS 67 Metal Beer

Unexpecting location for recoding this show, as it’s the easter break, eating warm chocolate and drinking beer in Wales, still does not stop a show from happening, with great music and an unexpected co-host.

Photo: Meshuggah

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