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DC735 Satan Veil

Talk about getting more in your eyes and ears, Pokémon Go, and Podrawls, along with some great new music from around the world.

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DC731 Endless Viper

  1. Inire: Endless (Quebec, Canada)
  2. Marauder: Son of Thunder (from Bullethead, Greece)
  3. Skeletoon: Heroes Don’t Complain (from Curse of The Avenger, Revalve Records)
  4. Ragestorm: Moloch (from The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin, Italy)
  5. Revenience: Flail (from Daedalus, Italy Sliatrick Records)
  6. Blackwood: Breaking God’s Spine (from As The World Rots Away)
  7. Astrakhan: Omajod (from Reward in Purpose, Vancouver, Canada)
  8. I am Noah: Rise of Mankind (from The Verdict, Germany, Bastardised Records)
  9. Ad Vitam: There was Blood Everywhere (from Stratosfear, Italy)
  10. Fear of Domination: Primordial (from Atlas, Finland)
  11. Saintorment: Son of The Wasteland (from Well of Sins, Latvia)
  12. Anion: God’s Day Off (from Fractions of Failure, Vancouver, Canada)
  13. C.B.Murdoc: The Green (from Here be Dragons, ViciSolum Productions, Stockholm, Sweden)
  14. Heavens Cry: The Human Factor (From Outcast, Montreal, Canada, Prosthetic Records)
  15. Solarium: Beg for Your Life (from I.T.S.C., Winnipeg, Canada,Horror Pain Gore Death Productions , Clawhammer)
  16. Ash bringer: Solace (from Yügen, Minnesota, USA, Avantgarde Records)
  17. Adolyne: Crown (from Of Ash/Of Shit/Of Shame, Saskatchewan, Canada, Asher)
  18. Deathtale: From Hell (from Whole World Burns, Austria, Terrasound Records)
  19. Highrider: The Moment (Plutonium) (from Armageddon Rock, Sweden, The Sign Records, Against PR)
  20. Lizzies: Viper (from Good Luck, Spain, The Sign Records)


DC730 June Mixtape

  1. Media Solution: Destroy Something Beautiful (from The Prelude,  Photo by Alex Solca, Los Angeles, USA, Pavement Entertainment)0:00:26
  2. Sinnery: Built To Kill (from A Feast of Fools, Tel Aviv, Israel)0:02:58
  3. West Thebarton Brothel Party: Red or White (Single Release, Adelaide, Australia)0:07:17
  4. Goddess: The Withering (from The Withering, Oslo, Norway)0:10:25
  5. Misteyes: Creeping Time (from Creeping Time, Torino, Italy)0:29:06
  6. Volymian: Line of Fire (from Maze of Madness, Vantaa, Finland)0:35:33
  7. Advermix: Messenger of Death (from Pandeathmic, Murcia, Spain)0:39:31
  8. Celestial Ruin: No Quarter (from Pandora, Canada)0:43:03
  9. Skeleton Wolf: M.P.F.F. (from Skeleton Wolf)0:48:33
  10. Without Mercy: In Waves (from Mouichido, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)0:53:10
  11. Overtures: Angry Animals (from Artifacts, Gorizia, Italy, Against PR)0:57:13
  12. Scarlett Riot: Voices (from Scentience, Scunthorpe, UK)1:01:28
  13. Death Lullaby: Renegade (from Wormz, Quebec, Canada)1:05:08
  14. Devolted: My Monster (from Broken Wings, Tallinn, Estonia, Against PR)1:08:00
  15. Inferior: Divine Spectres (from The Red Beast, Sweden)1:12:30
  16. The Closed Circle: The Lie (from Love, Shine & Die, Colombia)1:15:50
  17. Schammasch: In Dialogue with Death (from Triangle, Basel, Germany, Prosthetic Records)1:19:45
  18. Malevolentia:Völuspá (from République, Belfort, France)1:26:03
  19. Ignea: Alga (Single Release, Kiev, Ukraine)1:33:07
  20. Grand Rezerva: Dead End (Sweden)1:39:20


DC659 Cannonball Hünger

  1. Ascending Dawn: Cannonball (from “Coalesce”, London, UK)
  2. Sadai: Hasta que llega el Miedo (from “6Noches”, Spain, Jamendo)
  3. Marwood’s Fall: Restitution (from “Restitution”, Chicago, USA, Music Submit)
  4. Divine Disorder: The Serpent (from “Garden of Dystopia”, Kuwait)
  5. Brudywr: A Ghostly Place (from “Mellancholia”, Russia)
  6. Sata Kaskelottia: Jumalan ååni (from “Sata Kaskelottia”, Finland)
  7. Exes for Eyes: Tongues like figure eights (from “Tongues like figure eights”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  8. Midnight Bullet: Memories are Gone (from “Lose My Face”, Inverse Records)
  9. Premortal Breath: Pain (from “They”, Germany,  Direct)
  10. Profane and The Sacred: Words (from “From the Top”, London, Cargo Records, Stampede) Stoner – Album out in Feb
  11. Ronin: Living in The Dark (Single Release, Worcester, UK)
  12. The Beast Remade: Le Bestia Renace (from “Worship The Beast”, Mexico)
  13. Vagrond: Longing (from “Regret”, Australia)
  14. Autere: Carbon (from “Amal’l”, Inverse Records, Finland)
  15. Gurd: Fake (from “Fake”, Switzerland, Czar of Crickets)
  16. Arbitrator: Stillborn Bastard of the Nazarene (from “Indoctrination of Sacrilege”, Calgary, Canada, Asher)
  17. Posthum: To The Pits (from “The Black Northern Ritual”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  18. Shredhead: Walk with The Dead (from “Death is Righteous”, Israel, Mighty Music, Clawhammer)
  19. The Lumberjack Feedback: Mein Gebush Hat Hünger (from “Noise in the Church”, Lille, France, Kaotoxin Records, Clawhammer)


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