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DC776 Call Against

Now on Hard Rock Hell Radio!  Podcast is extended now for extra  band goodness.

  1. Face Down Hero: Last Exit Call (from “False Evidence Appearing Real, Marburg, Germany, Yonah Records)
  2. Before Humans: Into The Void (from “Self Destruction”, Córdoba, Spain)
  3. A Higher Demise: Entropy (Single Release,  Dartford UK)
  4. Convulsions: Product of The Lost (from “Culture Shock”, Reno, USA, Imminence Records)
  5. Gurt: Battlepants (from “Skullossus”, UK, Against PR)
  6. Krysthia: The Minor Mystery of Death (from “Peace in Our Time”, Wellingborough, UK). Touring throughout UK in May)
  7. Nayades: Losing Control (from “White Winter Tail”, Madrid, Spain)
  8. R.U.S.T.X.: Journey Arrives (from “TTPM”, Cyprus)
  9. Skallbank: Grav Efter Grav (Ep, Sweden, Savage Magic Records)
  10. Through The Noise: Fall of Gaia (from “Fall of Gaia”, Sweden)
  11. W.O.R.M.: Don’t Believe (Chicago, Submitted)
  12. When Icarus Falls: The Lighthouse (from “Resilience”, Switzerland)
  13. Trigon: Addiction (from “Fed Up”, Canada, Asher)
  14. Without Waves: Us Against (from “Lunar”, Chicago, USA, Prosthetic Records)

Podcrawl Glasgow 2017 – Saturday 29 July at 18:00 at the State Bar, Holland Street

DC772 Drifting Aeons

  1. Xtortya: Drifting (from “Xtortya”, Perth, Australia, Bleeding Nose Records)
  2. Death or Glory: My Darkness (from “Death Without Glory”, Spain)
  3. Ceu En Chamas: Gritos e Sussurros (from “Infernal”, Brazil, Self),
  4. Dead Earth Politics: Wretched Things (from “The Mobius Hammersmith”, Austin, Texas, USA. Pavement Music)
  5. Don’t Try This: Living a Lie (from “Wireless Slaves”, Germany, Boersma-Records)
  6. Eden to Exile: Volatile (from “Modern Distain”, June Release, Northampton, UK, Attic Records, Stampede)
  7. Kill for Eden: Woke Up Alone (Single Release, London, UK, Submitted)
  8. Quintessenz: The Claws of Nosferatu (from “To The Gallows”, Germany, Evil Spell Records, AgainstPR)
  9. Resist The Ocean: Cauterize (from “Heart of The Oak”, Nürnberg, Germany, Bleeding Nose Records, End April)
  10. Sigil: Strange Aeons (from “Kingdom of The Grave”, Austin, Texas, USA, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) 7th Apr



DC771 Burn Vakum

  1. Laments of Silence: Burn it All (from “System Failure”, Spain, Against PR)
  2. Intoxicated Rage: Kill The King (from “Kill The King”, Boston, USA, Asher)
  3. Serpico: Ain’t better To Leave (Single Release, Finland, Inverse Records)
  4. Foetal Juice: Noneckahedron (from ” Masters of Absurdity”, Bury, UK, Grindscene Records, Against PR)
  5. Beast Modulus: Skeleton Key (from “Being”, Brooklyn New York, USA, ClawhammerPR)
  6. Athame: This is what The Devil Does (from “With Cunning Fire & Adversarial Resolve”, Maryland, USA)
  7. Abuse: Pwned! (from “Nothing is Safe”, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Comatose Music, ClawhammerPR)
  8. All But One: Little White Lies (from “Square One”,   Budapest, Hungary, Lifeforce Records)
  9. Crucify The Faith: New Breed (from “New Breed”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  10. Dunderbeist: Vakum (from “Tvilja”, Norway, Indie Recordings)