DC724 Maximus Catharsis

  1. Once was Never: Maximus Parasite (from Lighthouse in The Abyss,   Slovenia, Grand Sounds)
  2. Overunit Machine: Aldaraja (from Aldaraja, Italy, Sliptrick)
  3. Ferium: Power is all That Matters (from Behind The Black Eyes, Israel, Self Release, Clawhammer)
  4. Raff Sangiorgio: Lil’ Chuck Blues (from Rebirth, Italy, Sliptrick)
  5. Pictures of Pain: The Storm (from World of Demise, Norway, Pitch Black Records)
  6. Taxim: We Will Haunt You (Single Release, Germany)
  7. Desert Dragon: Take it Easy Now (from Before The Storm, USA, Sliptrick Records)
  8. Castle: Flash of The Pentagram (from Welcome to the Graveyard, USA, Vàn Records, Pioneer Press)
  9. When our Time Comes: Beyond Limits (from When our Time Comes, London, Lifeforce Records)
  10. Serotonin Syndrome: Catharsis (from Sarajas, Self Release, Finland)


Photo by Jana Gombač photography

DC684 Sensational Campbell

I announce three things:  London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th, Prizes to be got, and Psychostick in the UK!!!!!

  1. Gatherer: Sensational Creations (Single Release, Wellington, New Zealand, Collision Course)
  2. Zedi Forder: Time After Time (Single Release, UK)
  3. A Course of Action: Who We Are (North Carolina, USA)
  4. Prospective: Explore (from “Chronosphere”, Bologne, Italy)
  5. Trysth: Ordeal Vision (from “Soul Chambers”, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  6. Deraign: Pit of Misery (Gold Coast, Australia, Dead Centre Productions)
  7. Third Ion: The Kineticist  (from “13/8bit”, Glasstone Records, Clawhammer)
  8. Her Demise, My Rise: King Cold (from “Curses”, USA)
  9. Myridia: Arise (from “Mirror  of Eden”,  Bournemouth, UK)
  10. Neurotech: Of Adversary (from “Stigman”, Slovenia)
  11. Sintrophy: Greed to None (from “The Arrival”, Ruhr, Germany)
  12. Azgard: Evil is Coming (from “At The Break o fThe Day”, Ukraine)
  13. Outrun The Sunlight: Stars in The Ocean (from “Stars in The Ocean”, Chicago, USA)
  14. Archivist: Ascension (from “Archivist”, Austria, England, Germany)
  15. Dope Stars Inc: Many Thanks (from “TeraPunk”, Rome, Italy)
  16. Defect Designer: The Terrible (from “Ageing Accelerator, Oslo, Norway)
  17. Black Dawn: I Could Never Be (from “Until we Meet”, New York, USA) – Prizes
  18. Great White Shark Fight: Saccades (Single Release, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada)
  19. Psychostick: Bruce Campbell (from “IV – Revenge of The Vengeance”, USA)


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