DC758 We Will Force

  1. Charetta: We Will Survive (from “Fate Strikes Twice”, New York, Rich from Gravel Entertainment) Photo by:Deneka Peniston
  2. Ventenner: Anamnesis (from “Invidia”, London  UK, Hibernacula Records)
  3. Ddent: Arzel (from “آكتئاب” (Melancholy) Paris, France, Feb Release, Purple Sage PR)
  4. Heart Avail: Vacillation (from “Heart Avail”, Spokane, USA, Milagro Records)
  5. Inire: Wide Awake (from “Cauchemar”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  6. Cries of The Captive: Grief (from “Totalitarian”, Utah, Imminence Records)
  7. Solitude: Reach for The Sky (from “Beneath The Sky”, Japan, Test Your Metal)
  8. A Higher Demise: Tear It Down (from “To Death or Victory”, Dartford, UK, Ambicon Music Group)
  9. Wolfs Hunger: U Vatri Sazdan (from “Bez’te Zivi Vracaju Se Mrtvi”, Serbia, Symbol Domination Records)
  10. Far Beyond: Unrelenting Force (from “A Frozen Flame of Ice”, Germany, Aeterna Records)


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DC756 Holy Concrete

  1. The Workhorse III: Holy Roller (from “Closer to Relevance”, Philadelphia, USA, Clawhammer
  2. Kill for Eden: Love You So (Single Release, London, UK)
  3. Heaven’s Decay: Born of Fire (from “The Great Void of Mystery”,
    Chaos Records, Spain)
  4. Psychostick: N.O.E.L. (USA)
  5. Soul Seller: Memories (from “Matter of Faith”, Italy, Tanzan Music, Against PR)
  6. Afterlife Symphony: The Abyss (from “Moment Between Lives”, Italy, Against PR)
  7. Cnoc An Tursa: The Yellow Locks of Charlie (from “The Forty Five”, Scotland, Apocalyptic Witchcraft) Out Early 2017
  8. Black Tusk: God’s Own Vacation (from “Pillars of Ash”, Relapse Records)
  9. Riftwalker: Engineer Their Consent (from “Green and Black”, Canada)
  10. Delete The Mass: Concrete (from “Μάζα”, Athens, Greece)


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DC748 Pulse to Die With

… with additional Halloweenie goodness, with styles from Bloody Horror to smooth Psycho Rock and Roll.

  1. Parasite Inc. The Pulse of The Dead (From “Time Tears Down”, Germany)
  2. Tactus: Colosus (from “Bending Light”, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Asher)
  3. Vola: Stray The Skies (from “inmates”, Denmark)
  4. In Death: Every Burial (from “The Devil Speaks”, Australia, Clawhammer)
  5. Scorched: Rot in Confinement (from “Echoes of Dismemberment”, Delaware, USA, Unspeakable Axe Records)
  6. Eternal Halloween: Eternal Halloween (Single)
  7. Numenor: Aeons of Magick (from “Swords and Sorcery”, Serbia, Stygian Crypt Productions)
  8. Helsott: Agamemnon (from “Woven”, USA, Asher)
  9. Solilquium: The Sorrow Path (from “An Empty Frame”, Sweden)
  10. Nine Miles South: Bones (Single Release, UK)
  11. Zombina and The Skeletones: Nobody likes you when you’re Dead (Liverpool, UK)
  12. Black Oath: A Song To Die With (from “Litanies In The Dark”, Italy)



DC685 Open The Trees

London Podcrawl 2015 is September 12th

  1. Black Dawn: Open The Gates (from “Until we Meet”, New York, USA) – Prizes
  2. Sintrophy: My Sanctuary (from “The Arrival”, Ruhr, Germany)
  3. Her Demise, My Rise: Otaku Complex (from “Curses”, USA)
  4. Myridia: Into Majesty (from “Mirror  of Eden”,  Bournemouth, UK)
  5. Defect Designer: Flies on Your Lips (from “Ageing Accelerator, Oslo, Norway)
  6. Azgard: Sin (from “At The Break of The Day”, Ukraine)
  7. Earthborn Kings: Pandora’s Box (from “Relentless”, Hampshire, UK)
  8. Expenzer: Kill The Conductor (from “Kill The Conductor”, Switzerland)
  9. Zombie Death Stench: Godless Dawn (from “Infected”, Modesto, USA)
  10. Eclipse Prophecy: A Dying World (from “Days of Judgement”, Montreal, Canada, Maple Metal Records)
  11. Nordheim: Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit (from “Lost in The North”, Quebec, Canada, Maple Metal Records)
  12. Sonic Prophecy: Legendary (from “Apocalyptic Promenade”, Salt Lake City, USA)
  13. Thalion: Another Day (from “Dawn of Chaos”, Quebec, Canada)
  14. Tothem: Run To You (from “Beyond The Sea”, Rome Italy)
  15. Valfreya: Condemned World (from “Path to Eternity”, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  16. Yonder Realm: The Frugivores (from “The Old Ways”, North Babylon, NY, USA)
  17. Face Off: War Against War (from “The Colour of Rain”, Belgrade, Serbia, Mapel Metal Records)
  18. The Bridesmaid: Aldrin (from “Grayson”, London, UK) 10th August
  19. Ungoliantha: Black Essence of Christ (from “Dedicated to all Demons”, Lugansk, Urkraine)
  20. Sudden Flames: Pilgrims of Steel (from “Under The Sign of The Alliance”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  21. The Fierce and The Dead: Palm Trees (from “Magnet”, UK) August 18th


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