DarkCompass 22-07-17

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  1. Orden Ogan – Gunman – – Single Release – Germany
  2. Alestorm – Mexico – – from “No Grave but The Sea”, Scotland
  3. Anthrax – Carry on my Wayward Son

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DC719 Tsunami Epic

  1.  Centrilia: Tsunami (from Momento Mori, Glasgow, Scotland)
  2. Scale The Summit: Whales (from The Collective, Texas, USA)
  3. Infernal Outcry: Eclipsed (from Mass Extinction Requiem I, Tasmania, Australia)
  4. Devotion: Feeling The Desert Air/P. Hamilton (from Words and Crystals, Italy)
  5. Buffalo Theory MTL: Skeptic Knight (from Skeptic Knight, Montreal, Canada)
  6. Sleepers Guilt: Vipassana/Angel Eyes (from Kilesa, Luxembourg)
  7. Mortichnia: Carrion Proclamation (from Heir to Scoria and Ash, Dublin, Ireland)
  8. Murder Made God: Urban Warfare (from Enslaved, Greece)
  9. Sunburst: Out of The World (from Fragments of Creation, Greece)
  10. Rapheumets Well: The Epic of Darmak (from The Exile, North Carolina, USA)