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DC699 Halloween Week Nobody likes Deeper

Part of Halloween week, we have a few tracks that might make your spine tingle, or at the very least make your ears buzz.

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DC 698 Putrescent Money

  1. Mephorash: The Tree of Life Putrescent (from “1557 – Rites of Nullification”, Sweden)
  2. Synapses: Sickening Runes (from “Devoutness”, Italy)
  3. Certo Porcos: Hate Never Ends (from “Odio 666”, Brazil)
  4. New Cold War: Burn (Las Vegas, USA)
  5. Insanity: When (from “Visions of Apocalypse”, San Francisco, USA)
  6. Screaming at The Sun: Singularity (from “Screaming at The Sun”, Minneapolis, USA)
  7. Fuck the Facts: False Hope (from “Desire will Rot”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  8. Saints of Death: Revolution (from “Asher Media Back to School Sampler”, Vancouver, Canada)
  9. Tylor Dory Trio: Time, The Beholder (from “Carried Away”, Edmondton, Canada
  10. Sithu Aye: Senpai Please Notice Me (from “Senpai EP”, Glasgow, Scotland)
  11. The Hell: I’ve got loads of Money (from “Brutopia”, Watford, UK, Prosthetic Records)
The Hell - Photo by John Barnes
The Hell – Photo by John Barnes

DC683 Fossils Under

  1. C R O W N: Fossils (from “Natron”, France, Candlelight Records)
  2. Black Space Riders: Born a Lion (from “Refugeeum”, Meunster, Germany, Black Space Records / Cargo Records, Clawhammer)
  3. Dew-Scented: Ode to Extinction Course (from “Intermination”, Germany, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Vintage Warlords: The Invisible Foe (from “The Invisible Foe”, USA)
  5. From Another Planet: Forge (from “An ever Changing Perspective”, Ohio, USA)
  6. Johnny B.Morbid: In The Unknown  (from “Fall of The Cicada”, New Jersey, USA)
  7. Monasteries: Dreadwaste (from “The Empty Black”, Birmingham, UK)
  8. H!de: H!de (from “Light Up The Sky”, Narvik, Norway, Indie Distribution)
  9. Zedi Forder: Killakarta (Single Release, UK)
  10. Gatherer: The Machine (Single Release, Wellington, New Zealand, Collision Course)
  11. A Course of Action: Soul Worn Thin (North Carolina, USA)
  12. Prospective: Chronos Speaks (from “Chronosphere”, Bologne, Italy)
  13. Trysth: Sever The Stars (from “Soul Chambers”, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  14. Toy Mountains: Suspended Animation (from “For a Few Seconds, Came Harmony”, Glasgow, Scotland)
  15. Aversions Crown: Parasites (Brisbane, Australia)
  16. Whispering Woods: Demon Blood (from “Perditious Et Dei”, Cluj-Napoc, Romania)
  17. Grieving Mirth: Optio (from “Calamitosvs Omine, Texas, USA)
  18. Deraign: All is Lost (Single Release, Gold Coast, Australia, Dead Centre Productions)
  19. Archivist: Dreaming Under (from “Archivist”, Austria, England, Germany)


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