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DC627 Live Null

Don’t Forget Podcrawl


  1. Revelus: To Live (NC, USA, Shadow Ent)
  2. Orange Goblin: Hounds Ditch (London, UK, Candlelight)
  3. Mutank: Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock (Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  4. Henric Blomqvist & Friends: Plenty of Reasons (Jakobstad. Finland, Inverse)
  5. Mordbrand: That Which Crawls (Sweden, Deathgasm)
  6. Red Eleven: Tomorrows Path (Finland, Lifeforce)
  7. As The Storm: Hopeless (Bordeaux, France)
  8. Sons of None: Party as we Burn (Puerto Rico)
  9. The Golden Grass: Sugar ‘n’ Spice (Brooklyn, USA)
  10. American Standards: Circus Rats (Arizona, USA)
  11. Amok: Make Time to Kill Time (Scotland)
  12. Horrid: Sacrilegious Fornication (Italy, Dunkelheit, Clawhammer)
  13. Fist Fight: Idle Hands (Denver, USA)
  14. Hollow: A New Life (Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  15. Farseer: Nightmare Collide (Glasgow, Scotland)
  16. Scordatura: Sutured Flesh (Glasgow, Scotland)
  17. Corrosion of Conformity: Trucker (North Carolina, USA, Candlelight)
  18. Gravil: Structurally Unsound (UK)
  19. Marty Friedman: Steroidhead (USA, Prosthetic)
  20. Diesel King: Horror. Disgust (UK)
  21. Wolfrider: Heart Of Iron (Wroclaw, Poland)
  22. On Top: No Shame (Philadelphia, USA, Clawhammer)
  23. Down The Machine: Null & Void (Leeds, UK, Ambicon)


DC622 Rupture Black Wing

And What was the reason behind last weeks missing show?


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DC620 Vipers before Swine

diesofluid_20142 hours of Rock and Metal from around the world. Some of the best tunes from bands you might of not heard of before.

Picture: Die So Fluid


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DC 596 The Hell Man Standing

JuniusDon’t forget to Email, Facebook, or Tweet Us your favourite track from DarkCompass for Show 600.
Picture: Junius


  1. Man Must Die: The Hell I Fear Scotland, Lifeforce Records
  2. The Earls of Mars: The Last Glass Eye-Maker UK, Canglelight
  3. Sanktuary: Hail The Villian Spread the Metal Reocrds, ClawhammerPR
  4. The New Outcasts: Gone, But not forgotten Canada
  5. Convey: Chalkboard USA, Jamendo
  6. Hanging Garden: Will you share this ending with me? Finland, Lifeforce Records
  7. Junius: Betray The Grave USA, Prosthetic
  8. Skynet: To The Hounds Canada, Transcend
  9. Insurrection: The Chronophobes Canada, Galy Records, Asher
  10. Red Bee: Thin Red Line Australia
  11. Zoltar Speaks: Last Man Standing UK, Transcend

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DC 595 The Left Behind

HawkwindDon’t forget to Email, Facebook, or Tweet Us your favourite track from DarkCompass for Show 600.


  1. Master: The American Dream USA
  2. Reveler: Station 1:2:1 USA, Infamous Empire
  3. Hybris: Foe or Friend UK, Candlelight
  4. Soul Remnants: No Afterlife USA, ClawhammerPR
  5. Sarke: Ugly Norway, Indie Recordings
  6. Heart in Hand: Home/Sick UK, Siege of Amida Records
  7. Man Must Die: Patriot Scotland, Lifeforce Records
  8. Merciless Terror: Hateful Abomination Nottingham, Devil’s Clause Records , ClawhammerPR
  9. The Earls of Mars: Cornelius Itchybah UK, Canglelight
  10. Western Sand: Welcome to The Badlands UK, Stampede Press
  11. Nephelium: Merciless Annihilation Canada, Asher
  12. Deathpoint: For Your Eyes Only Canada, Asher
  13. Breached: Left Behind Canada, Music Submit

Picture: Heart In Hand
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DC 586 We Are True Darkness


  1. Revolution Harmony: We Are International, Clawhammer
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  2. Condition Critical: Morning Sickness USA
  3. The Finite Beings: The Weeping USA
  4. Night Verses: Parasomnia USA, Southworld
  5. Evile: Head of The Demon UK, Earache
  6. Jesus Chrüsler SuperCar: Pitchfork Sweden DR Music
  7. Alexander Glavniy: The Sinner’s Suffering Russian Federation
  8. States of Panic: One of Us Scotland
  9. Until Dawn: The Trial Canada, Asher
  10. The Gashers: It’s OK USA
  11. Scanner: It’s War USA
  12. As They Burn: City Ov Pyramids France, Transcend
  13. Sadgiqacea: True Darkness USA, Candlelight

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DCMS 87 Mad Metal March Rhan Tri: Hammerfest5

Part 3 of the Mad Metal March is a trip out to North Wales and Hammerfest 5, In Fear of The Dragon. This is the third time we’ve been and it’s kept getting better and better. Here is a little compilation of tracks from bands who’ve played, and are playing this years shindig. Of course I’ll be talking more about it next time.

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DC 535 Bring the Madness

This week, Im thinking of changing into a madman with all the travel I am doing over the next few weeks, but hey when Im not I’m mellowing out. The flat is quiet without Charlotte, need to stock up the fridge. Old Albums outselling new ones with a notable “catalogue” albums like Dark Side of the Moon getting more play. More papers in the UK are becoming free, now, London’s Time Out. Reading more with free newspapers. Pussy Riot get 2 years, and we’re not happy about it, and The 17th Air Guitar World Championship, reaches it’s climax this weekend.

Picture: Devils Niece (Air Guitar Champion)

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DC 523 Curxe you Sun

This week, Sun, Sun Sun, oh how a hate thee. Lets move to Norway. Using Spotify to promote our artists, good idea? Are you a spotify user? My prediction for Eurovision failed, but so did Engelbert Humperdinck.Bieber Under investigation over an assault. He’s a wet lettuce. BBC mistake Halo Logo as one for the UN Security Council, a boost for Halo, or a firing for a researcher? The Association of Music Podcasting are planning a new sampler release. Are you a downloader or do you like physical CDs?

Picture: Curxes.

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DC 516 with added Norwegian

This week, unexpected run to North Wales, and intense, short work week. Interviews with bands and promoters.
Grooveshark in trouble, when content providers sue, Man dies after being stabbed at a Jessie J gig, sponsored by Blackberry. Metal Bands per capita, tops are the Nordic Countries, and rightly so, and John Lydon tells Bono to pay for world peace, he’s got the cash, so true.

Picture: Honningbarna

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