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DC764 Psysalia Break

  1. Evilgroove: Psysalia (from “Cosmosis”, Bologna, Italy,  Atomic Stuff)
  2. Junius: The Queens Constellation (from “Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light”, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  3. Kreepy Krush: Let it Go (Single, Minsk, Belarus)
  4. Meltdown: Blackbox Paradise (from “Answers”, Norway, Wormholedeath)
  5. Seth: I’m no Saint (from “Apocrypha”, USA, Minotauro Records)
  6. Temptations Wings: Lair of the Gorgon Queen (from “Skulthor Ebonblade”, Ashville, North Carolina, USA, Self Release)
  7. The Barber: Don’t Deprive The Boozer from his Booze (Moscow, Russia)
  8. The_Darkhorse: Dead Crows (from “The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep”, UK, Attic Records)
  9. Ufosonic: Anapest (from “Generator”, Italy, Minotauro Records)
  10. Ventenner: Break in Two (from “Invidia”, London, UK)


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DC749 Our Collective

  1. Idlewar: On Our Knees (From “Impulse”, California, USA) Touring UK towards end of November
  2. Stojar: Na Styage Plamenny Zari (from “At Twilight of Battles By The Hammer Of Thunderstorms “, Russia, Stygian Crypt Records)
  3. Death is Liberty : Underdog (from “A Statement Darkness”, Finland, Concord Music )
  4. Old Chapel: Towards The End (from “Visions From Beyond” out on 7th Nov, Ivanovo, Russian Federation, Chaos Records, )
  5. The Extinct Dreams: Karma (from “Fragments of Eternity”, Barnaul, Russia, Stygian Crypt Records)
  6. Final Solution: Demon Inside (from “Through The Looking Glass”, Brecica, Italy, Logicillogic Records)
  7. Arcane Contruct: Ephemera (from “Arcane Constuct”, Auckland, New Zealand, Submitted, Matt)
  8. Bloodrite: Planet Alcatraz (from “Planet Alcatraz”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  9. Debackliner: Children of The Night (from “Debackliner”, France, Pitch Black Records)
  10. Crator: The Collective (from “The Ones who Create:The Ones who Destroy”, NYC, USA)

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DC744 One Circle

  1. Hands off Gretel: One Eyed Girl (from “Burn The Beauty Queen”, London UK) http://www.handsoffgretel.co.uk
  2. Dissector: Fallen One (from “Planetary Cancer”, Russia) http://dissectorband.ru
  3. Sad Theory: Morte!, cínico! Expiacao (from Vermina  Audioclastia Postuma”, Brazil) https://www.facebook.com/sadtheory?fref=ts
  4. Zephyra: Only One (from “As The World Collapses”, Sweden) http://www.zephyra.se
  5. Status Abnormis: Love This Images (from “Call of The Void”, Finland) https://statusabnormisband.bandcamp.com
  6. Stormtide: Wrath of An Empire (from “Wrath of An Empire”, Melbourne, Australia) http://stormtide.bandcamp.com
  7. Xaon: When The Everlasting Gardens Die Away (from “Face of Balaam”, Sion, Switzerland) https://www.facebook.com/xaonmusic/
  8. SystemHouse33: Regression (Mumbai, India) http://systemhouse33.com
  9. Slammin Thru: Metallic Leaves (from “Things to Come”, Spain, Susperia Records) http://www.slamminthru.com
  10. Rekoma: Circle of Hate (from “Circle of Hate”, Raahe, Finland) https://www.facebook.com/rekomaband/




DC742 Suicide Rise

Torous : God Game  Suicide (UK)

Dissector: The Deep (from Planetary Cancer, Russia, Mazzar Records)

Phil Rudd: Sun Goes Down (from “Head Job”, Australia)

Blasphemer: You Are Nothing (from “Ritual Theophagy”, Italy, Comatose Records)

Innernoir: Epicrisis (from “Innernoir”, Russia)

Into the Fire: Spit you Out (Single Release, USA, Pavement Records)

Riti Occulti: Adonai I (from “Tetragrammatron”, Italy, Tritons Orbit)

My Funeral: Future Violence (from “Harder Than This Life”, Finland, Via Nocturna)

Quake The Earth: Who Will Rise (From “Declaration of War”, Oulu, Finland, Inverse Records)