DarkCompass 444 Dirty

Jade Leary
This week really not prepared. Not sleeping and workng through the nights are not good for me. Review show news, and sad news from one of the old guard, Pete Cogle, and Dave from The Bugcast does NapodPomo. Kenny Everett to be on the radio over the festive season, even though he’s been dead over 10 years, the brits say NO to 3D TV, A Buffy remake?, leave it! R.I.P. Ready Steady Cook, and the fortune of not seeing Ainsley Harriott on TV anymore.

Picture: Jade Leary, by Patrick La Roque

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DarkCompass 439 – The Crack

AngelspitThis week, a better than last week one, cracks all fixed. Busy, busy with work and working late, with beer. Murdoch, Rupert that is, moves into Ticket Sales? Why? He’s effecting UK politics and media decisions here, when he should not. Git. Looks like we are going to be submitted to another three years of X-Factor and Britains Got Talents, as Cowell signs deal., and a glimpse of humanity as Robber returns data from stolen laptop to rightful owner.
Oh, and some Podcrawl News
Picture: Angelspit, by Zoog
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DarkCompass 438 Normality Sucks

The TreehouseThis week, an awful one. Flat being destroyed by builders, the new Harry Potter not going to be done in 3D at release because it cannot be done in time, and Bansky release intro for The Simpsons, and gives thought to western decadence. X Factor songs will not chart (until Christmas), but we know what to do! Hammer releases first film in almost 30 years, and the realisation that I need beer to be nice to people.
Picture: The Treehouse
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DarkCompass 412 Southern Return

The Flatliners

This week, back to the grind after a week off, and almost 2 weeks off recording podcasts. Recording Amped 227 for this Monday. Many thanks to Dave and Caroline from The Bugcast for last week, and feedback. Stories include 6 music as a election bargaining chip, a bit late for The Vatican forgiving John Lennon for his statement in 1966. The Digital Economy Bill now law. more chart shuffling, and more 3D nonsense. Picture: The Flatliners, by Angela Smith
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