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DC768 Nord Club

  1. Valfreya: Peuple Du Nord (from “Promised Land”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  2. Craven Idol: Black Flame Divination (from “The Shackles of Mammon”, London, UK, Dark Descent Records)
  3. Death Blooms: I’m Dead (Single Release, Liverpool, Self)
  4. Elixir: Beyond Dreams (from “Where the Secret Lies”,  S. America, Maple Metal Records)
  5. Groupie High School: Liquid Lunch (from “Ladies & Gentlemen”, Finland)
  6. Grün: The Vicious (from “Manyana”, Sydney, Australia, Self)
  7. Selfmachine: Join the Hatetrain (from “Societal Arcade”, Sweden, Wormhole Death Records)
  8. Siderian: Noses in The Trough (Single, Northampton, UK)
  9. The Clamps: One More Time (from “Blend, Shake, Swallow”, Bergami, Italy, Purple Sage PR)
  10. Murkocet: Strip Club Massacre (from “Digging Mercy’s Grave”,  Phoenix, USA



DC764 Psysalia Break

  1. Evilgroove: Psysalia (from “Cosmosis”, Bologna, Italy,  Atomic Stuff)
  2. Junius: The Queens Constellation (from “Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light”, USA, Prosthetic Records)
  3. Kreepy Krush: Let it Go (Single, Minsk, Belarus)
  4. Meltdown: Blackbox Paradise (from “Answers”, Norway, Wormholedeath)
  5. Seth: I’m no Saint (from “Apocrypha”, USA, Minotauro Records)
  6. Temptations Wings: Lair of the Gorgon Queen (from “Skulthor Ebonblade”, Ashville, North Carolina, USA, Self Release)
  7. The Barber: Don’t Deprive The Boozer from his Booze (Moscow, Russia)
  8. The_Darkhorse: Dead Crows (from “The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep”, UK, Attic Records)
  9. Ufosonic: Anapest (from “Generator”, Italy, Minotauro Records)
  10. Ventenner: Break in Two (from “Invidia”, London, UK)


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DC750 Beyond This Hole

  1. Motorfingers: Behind This Fire (from “Goldfish Motel”,Modena, Italy, logic(il)logic Records
  2. Mono: Death in Rebirth (from “Requiem For Hell”, Japan, Pioneer Press)
  3. Yasru: Atalara (from “Borubay”, Turkey, WormholeDeath Records)
  4. Far Beyond: A Frozen Flame of Ice (from “A Frozen Flame of Ice”, Germany, Aeterna Records)
  5. Narthraal: Descent into Darkness (from “Chainsaw Killing Spree”, Reykjavik, Iceland, Inverse Records)
  6. Esther: Our Boats will Moor Up Again (from “Overthrone”, Dover, UK)
  7. Dead End: Inside The Void (from “Slave to The Grind”, Finland, Inverse Records)
  8. Elixir: Southern Pride (from “Where The Secret Lies”, South America, Maple Metal Records)
  9. Zombie Rodeo: True Believer (from “Dia De Los Muertos”, Helsinki, Finland)
  10. Cadavers: Hole (from “Death & Taxes”, Sheffield, UK)

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DC740 Club of Flags

Summer mixtape this week

Unhoped: Club of Swines (from Sonic Violence, Finland) http://www.unhopedband.com/

Humanity Delete: Lairhunter (Sweden) https://www.reverbnation.com/humanitydelete

Save The Clock Tower: The Familiar Decay (from The Familiar // The Decay, Australia, Collision Course PR) http://www.savetheclocktowermusic.com/

Rekoma: Lambs of Sacrifice (from Circle of Hate, Finland, Inverse Records) http://rekomaband.wixsite.com/rekoma

Hands off Gretel: Little Man (from Burn The Beauty Queen, London, UK) http://www.handsoffgretel.co.uk/

Cocaine Piss: Ugly Face On (from The Dancer, Liege, Belgium) https://cocainepiss.bandcamp.com/ out on 30th September

Medevil: An Empty Glass (from Conductor of Storms, British Colombia, Canada, Asher) http://www.medevilmusic.com/

Cryfemal: El Camino (from Increibles Tormetos, Spain, Mercenary Music) https://www.facebook.com/cryfemal666

X-Method: Brutal as Fuck (from Sex, Alcohol, Rebel Music, USA, Pavement Music) http://www.xmethod1.com/

Violentor: Burning in Hell (Tuscany, Italy, Grandsounds) https://violentor666.bandcamp.com/

Nox Formulae: Voudon Lwa Legba (from The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy, Dark Descent Records) https://www.facebook.com/NoxFormulae

Cascade: Deadweight (Manchester, UK) https://www.facebook.com/CascadeLive

Rattleplague: As I Perish (from Bourbon Scenes EP, Finland, Inverse Records) https://www.facebook.com/rattleplague

Void King: Raise The Flags (from There is Nothing, Indiana, USA) https://voidking.bandcamp.com/