Back from the trenches that is the winter festive season, and the end of the (world) year chaos with some audio mayhem from around the world. This is an enhanced podcast with images and links in the show, so if you are using a iDevice of some description – check it out. Jealousy that Erk from Erk FM Metal Monday, is off to 70,000 Tons of Metal, but at least I still have my Hammerfest!
Picture: Hanzel Und Gretyl, by Lisa Lake

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DCMS 74 Bust Up and Bloody

Had a break, but now Im back.
Making these shows 90 minutes long can be taxing, but I love all the music thats being sent to me, and I must get it out to you, my lovely listeners. Check out other shows like Erk FM’s Metal Monday, and for something a little less heavy Euterpia Radio Rock.
Rumours of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.

Photo: Amodus

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