DCMS 58 Candlefest Special

I went to Candlefest again this year, and hung out with some great people. All the artists are signed to Candlelight Records, and this showcases the bands in all their glory: LIVE! Thanks to Darren for making all this possible.

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DC 489 Hand Over Fist

This week, the loss of a great musician, Bert Jansch, and a great innovator, Steve Jobs.

Big artists, using Pledge Music, to get money to produce. Proves record industry are shafting artists? No, they give pointless awards to them, like the one they recently gave to Queen.
Meet Dr. Minogue. Avatar 2, might take 12 years to make, Human Centipede 2 gets it’s 18 UK rating, and The CEO of Miramax blames Apple, not Piracy for the loss of revenue to the movie industry.
Movies Companies and Record Labels make money Hand over fist, to the detriment of the creators. Get a grip.

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Picture: Julia’s Window, by Jarno Koskinen

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