DC 497 One Belgian to many

This week, back from Cambridge, real ale and Belgian Beers. Thanks to Camra for some great venues. Very tired though, a long week, entertaining without electricity. Why would anyone want to hack Charlotte Church? You are closer to Kevin Bacon now than ever before, Boffins saysperm is being cooked with wifi. Janet Devlin gets record deal with Duncan Bannatyne (he won’t be singing we hope), and Metallica admit they’ll have to relearn The Black Album, ahead of next years Download Festival. Oh very dear. Don’t forget to submit your track for this years best of show

Picture: The Glass Child

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DarkCompass 440 Beer Goggle Combats

Obsessive Compulsive
Survived Sheffield Podcrawl, and a busy week at work. Lots of great tunes coming my way. Tribute album for Cardiacs Tim Smith, Alien prequel continues with Natalie Portman possibly in sweaty combats, and more sequels in Avatar, and The Dark Knight rises, which is not going to be made in 3D. Miss Beer Queen loses crown because of staring in Adult Entertainment. Are Beauty Pageants seedy? Metal show out at the end of the month, so stay tuned. Trick or Treat an American thing, do brits mind?

Picture: Obsessive Compulsive (c) Shirlaine Forrest 2009
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Darkcompass 434 – Whamming it Home

This week, putting my feet up again, with a re-occurrence of Cellulitis. Not happy, but found some great tunes for this week. Pope calls us all non believers Nazis, much respected George Michael goes to Prison after Whamming into a shop under the influence, Marilyn Mansons movie canned, trailer too violent, looking forward to American Mcgees new Alice, and Burglar wants to get the police for having his phone after a break in.
Picture: Peter Block
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