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DC781 Like Ground

  1. Chigurh – Not Like You
    from “The Struggle” , Netherlands, Limelight Records
  2. Devilskin – Mountains
    from “Be Like The River”, New Zealand
  3. Louder Still – Speed Machine
    Reading, England
  4. Nasty Crue – Riots in Heaven
    from Poland
  5. Perpetual Rage – Boundless
    from “Empress of the Cold Stars”, Northern Finland, Inverse Records
  6. Bare Infinity – Hear Me Out
    from “The Butterfly Raiser”, Athens, Greece, Blackdown Music
  7. Below The Sun – Mirrors
    from “Alien World”, Russia
  8. Dark Matter Secret – Ancient Gods Genesis
    from “Perfect World Creation”, Denis Svarts, Russia
  9. Corvus Noctis – Llevame
    from “Tenebrarum”, Mexico, Tritons Orbit
  10. Sharzall – Love is on The Ground
    from “Black Sun”, Slovakia, NRT Records, end of June

DC725 Unwind Memory

  1. Reveries End: Unwind (from Edge of Dark Waters, Finland, Sliptrick Records)
  2. Votum: Spiral (from :KTONIK:, Poland)
  3. Bushwhacker: Bushwhacker (from The False Dilemma, Vancouver, Canada)
  4. 4th n Goal: Red Line Extreme (from Turn on The Light, Italy, Sliptrick Records)
  5. Wastage: Slave To The System (from Slave to The System, Slovakia, Sliptrick Records)
  6. Hemotoxin: Decadence (from Biological Enslavement, USA, Unspeakable Axe)
  7. Battle Path: Ambedo (from Ambedo, Tennessee, USA, Inherent Records)
  8. Carnac: Menhirs of Enmity (from The Frail Sight, Turkey, Sliptrick Records)
  9. Death Lullaby: Dethrone The Grower (from Wormz,  Montreal, Canada, Famined Records)
  10. Scarleth: Double Memory (from The Silver Lining, Ukraine, The Leaders)