DC770 Hammerfest 9 Review

  1. Alestorm: Drink (USA, Napalm Records)
  2. Torous: I Am (Birmingham, UK)
  3. Evil Scarecrow: Crabulon (Nottingham, UK)
  4. RSJ: Nice Day Out (York, UK)
  5. The Raven Age: Uprising (from “EP”, London, UK)
  6. HelHorse: Death come to The Sleeping (Denmark)
  7. Fury: Life Eternal (from “Burn The Earth”, Worcester, UK)
  8. Stone Gaze: Gates of Fire (from “MDRM”, Finland)
  9. Reflection: Glorious Victory (from “Bleed Babylon Bleed”, Athens, Greece, Pitch Black Records)
  10. The Haunting: We Don’t Talk Anymore (Single Release, New York, USA)


DC757 Best of 2016

  1. DC710 Veer Union Defying Gravity (Canada)
  2. DC712 Inherit The Stars: Fortune Favours The Brave (Sheffield, UK)
  3. DC719 Sunburst: Out of The World (USA, Innerwound Records)
  4. DC723 Ventenner: Wave (from “Distorture”, London UK)
  5. DC734 Silverbones: Raiders of The New World (from “Wild Waves”, Italy, Stormspell Records)
  6. DC736 Evil Scarecrow: Hurricanado (Single, Nottingham, UK)
  7. DC738 Lacertilia: Ride With Us (from “We’re Already Inside Your Head”, Cardiff, Wales, Red Sun Sounds)
  8. DC739 A Higher Demise: It’s a Trap (from The Doctor Will See you Now, Kent, UK, Ambicon)
  9. DC741 King: My Destination The Stars (from Reclaim The Darkness, Melbourne, Australia)
  10. DC744 Hands off Gretel: One Eyed Girl (from “Burn The Beauty Queen”, London UK)
  11. DC745 Kingbreaker: Bury The Witness (from “To The Fire”, London, UK)


DC692 Agartha Un-Human

This week, I interview Psychostick when they were here in London on the First Ever UK Gig.

Fill in my survey

  1. Merkabah: Agartha (from “Ubitquity”, Canada, Mapel Metal Records)
  2. Pyramids on Mars: Battle for Rome (from “Echo Cosmic”, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
  3. Zardonic: Against All Odds (from “Anti Hero”, USA, Plastic Head)
  4. Fossil: Beige (from “trapped in a place you dont want to leave”, Ontario, Canada)
  5. The Unravelling: Master Drone (from “Tear a Hole in The collective Vision”, Calgary, Canada)
  6. Crimson Sun: Eye of The Beholder (from “Towards the Light”, Kotka, Finland
  7. Psychostick: Dangerzone (from “Revenge of The Vengeance”, USA, Asher)
  8. Joykill Collective: Battle Cry (Nottingham, UK)
  9. Grim Vision: Fallen Soldier (from “War Agony”, Hamburg, Germany, Bastardised Records)
  10. Reasons Behind:The Chemical Theatre (from “The Alpha Memory”, Bologna, Italy)
  11. Jack Dalton: Past Swallows Love (Single Release, Oslo, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  12. Luna Rise: For A Reason (from “Dark Days & Bright Nights”, Enns, Austria, NRT Records)
  13. Teufelskreis: Leben (from “Spuren der Vergangenheit“, Austria , NRT Records)
  14. Children of The Seraph: Defenders (Tacoma, Washington)
  15. Display of Decay: Created to Kill (from “Dust of Existence”, Edmonton, Canada)
  16. For Giants: Local in The Crowd (from “We are The Universe”, California, USA)
  17. Fuck The Facts: Storm of Silence (from “Desire Will Rot”, Ontario, Canada)
  18. Re-Armed: Unhuman (from “Total Lack of Communication”, Kerava, Finland, Clawhammer)