DC649 Domani of Trust

  1. Cleaver:Domani Si Muore (from “Leur Sauvage Pousée”, Italy)
  2. The New Jacobin Club: Angel MMXIV (from “Soldiers of Tha Mark”, Canada)
  3. Monolyth: My Redemption (from “Origin”, Portugal, Alien Mosh PR)
  4. Phosphene: Jekyll and Hyde (Chicago, USA)
  5. Echovolt: Underdog (from “Odds on the Underdog”, Spain)
  6. Dystopic: Perfect World (from “Dystopic”, Australia)
  7. Dream Circus: Make Believe (from “Land of Make Believe”, Fazendas de Almeirim, Portugal)
  8. Blind Race: Hypocrite (from “Come and Get It”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  9. Huldra: Black Tides (from “Black Tides”, Utah, USA)
  10. Karkaos: Depths of Madness (from “Empire”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  11. Beastmilk: Fragile Grip (Helsinki, Finland)
  12. Shiran: Remain (from “Warm Winter Day”, Israel, Clawhammer)
  13. Richie Ramone: I know better now (from “Something in my drink”, USA, Stampede)
  14. Perdition Winds: Temple within (from “Aura of Suffering”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  15. Evil Scarecrow: Enter the Knightmare (from “Galactic Hunt”, UK)
  16. Nero Di Marte: Pulsar (from “Derivae”, Italy, Prosthetic Records)
  17. Spawning Abhorrence: Bloated Reverence (from “The Cursed Earth”, Leeds, UK)
  18. Laugh at the Fakes: Killing Time (from “Dethrone the Crown”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  19. Kadinja: Henry Call Mash Yes (from “We Are Louder Than You 2.0”, Paris, France)
  20. Anguish: Stir up The Demon (from “Mountain”, Sweden, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  21. Hybrid Circle: Trial of Trust (Arrival on Titan)(from “A Matter of Faith”, Italy)


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DC622 Rupture Black Wing

And What was the reason behind last weeks missing show?


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DC 576 Eyes of Time

This week, full on rock , as I am away from the London Studio this week, with some great submissions from labels and direct from the artists.
Don’t forget, if you want your music played here submit music via our page, and London Podcrawl is on for June 22nd, be sure to come.

Pic: System Divide, by Tom Couture
You will hear:

  1. Shearer: Brown Eyes Germany, Direct
  2. Tothem: Smile Again Italy, Music Submit
  3. Everything Burns: Ghosts & Angels UK, Transcend Records
  4. System Divide: Lethargy Israel
  5. Black Dawn: Suicide Groove USA, Music Submit
  6. Bookakee: A.A. Canada, Asher
  7. Svart Crown: Intern. Virus. Human France, Listenable, Clawhammer
  8. Darkall Slaves: Abysses of Seclusion France, Kaotoxin, Clawhammer
  9. Meka Nism: Tyranny Reigns USA, Direct
  10. Adrenechrome: Led Elephant Canada, Asher
  11. Burial Vault: Black Into White Germany, Apostasy Records, Clawhammer
  12. Motherload: Beg For It UK, Fully Loaded, Plastic Head
  13. Dissension: Of Time and Chronic Canada, Asher

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DC 562 Rusty

This week, getting out there again and talking to musical types. Interview with Syd Arthur. The Brit Awards and why pop music has become so “safe”. Fearne Cotton names her baby Rex, future therapy sessions bundled into birthing package, 6 music polish off news of Pistorius with Hendrix’s Hey Joe. DJs need to know what they are playing, they really do. People say the BBC does not make make good use of license fee money, they should look at Norwegian TV, who show a fire burning for 12 hours, with advice on how to chop and stack wood. Bargain.

Picture: Syd Arthur

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DC 498 Break Stuff

This week, training fustration, Sexy ISP money spinners, Rolf Harris painting and music from Secret Archives of The Vatican, Bella Novela, Schonwald, Lorena B, Regurgitator, Alex Hulme, Orkestra Del Sol, Duellen, Pet Conspiracy and My Toys Like Me

This week, my mind is mush, and Im in fact wondering what Im doing here? What do I know? Should I cry, laugh, or break stuff!
XXX goes up for sale, will this be a money spinner for ISPs to provide this domain? Taking a domain registration in vain, Trent Reznor says 2012 will be a Nine Inch Nails Year, Yay. Check out the sample on his pages for The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo.
Rolf Harris painting goes for 1,000 times it’s original value, and A new chess set of Christmas?.

MIUK almost at it’s 4th birthday, in fact this show is almost 7! Last two weeks to get your list in for 500, intense training fail.

Picture: The Pet Conspiracy

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