DCMS 89 Mad Metal March Back to The Asylum

The Last Part of the Mad Metal March, Headbanging all the way to the cells. Why did I do this on one of my busiest months of the year for me? Answers in the title I suppose.
Lots of great tunes and some talk about Hammerfest.

Picture: The Goddamn Electric

You will hear:

  1. Chariots of the Gods: Blind Assassin Canada, Asher
  2. The Goddamn Electric: Jealous Contradiction UK
  3. Edge of Attack: Demon (of The North Seas) Canada, Asher
  4. Mos Generator: Lonely One Kenobi USA
  5. Expurgate: Redemption Through Seppuku USA, Clawhammer
  6. Gortal: I Come in Peace Poland, Promonetics
  7. Fiends at Feast: With Blood and Vomit USA, Clawhammer
  8. Integrity: Black Heksen Rise Belgium, Indie Recordings
  9. Ion Vein: Fools Parade USA, Clawhammer
  10. Kinetik: Absolute Zero USA
  11. Lifeless: Godconstruct Germany, Clawhammer
  12. Aventyr: Driven Norway, Deuce
  13. C.R.O.W.N: Abyss France, Candlelight
  14. Chosen: Engine of Belief Ireland, Asher

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DCMS 74 Bust Up and Bloody

Had a break, but now Im back.
Making these shows 90 minutes long can be taxing, but I love all the music thats being sent to me, and I must get it out to you, my lovely listeners. Check out other shows like Erk FM’s Metal Monday, and for something a little less heavy Euterpia Radio Rock.
Rumours of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.

Photo: Amodus

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DC 506 Karmic Suspension

This week, some really old re-discovered tracks, and of course some new ones. Suspension of accounts at Mevio, not just effecting me but a lot of other podcasters, and how I got through the anger to a karmic state with the help of Hitler.
I’m in print with a new book coming out for musicians called “Learn the right way to Get Played on Radios”, from Beathouse, I interview one of the authors Ian, who was in Switzerland, coping with temperatures below -20c. Thanks to him. If all has gone to plan, the show is now hosted at The Internet Archive, and there should be no distruption of service to you, our valued listener.

Picture: Ribozyme

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