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DC783 Toxic Hedonist

  1. Nuclear Oath – Toxic Playground – 00:11 – USA
  2. Nocte Obducta – Totholz – 5:35 – Germany
  3. Post Pulse – Final Goodbye – 10:54 – from “Halls of The Damned”, Helsinki, Finland
  4. For Giants – We Wrote this Wall – 16:43 – New York, USA
  5. Petyr – Satori III – 21:37 – San Diego, California, USA
  6. Walpyrgus – Somewhere under Summerwind – 29:52 – from “Walgyrgus Night”, North Carolina, USA
  7. Shivered – The Light Tears Apart – 34:51 – from “Journey to Fade”, Iran, Tritons Orbit
  8. Steve Grimmet – Freedom – 40:37 – from “Personal Crisis” , Grim Reaper, Dissonanace Productions,   Swindon, UK
  9. Zedi Forder – I’m The One – 46:19  – Woking, UK
  10. Anachronism – Neurodegeneration (Demo) – 50:13 – Switzerland
  11. Slanderus – The Hedonist  – 53:17 – from “Walls of the Mind”, Ontario, Canada

DC 560 Left Hanging

This week, bored, but getting back into the swing of things with more music than podcasts and some news gathering. HMV Stores to close, making our High Streets even more desolate. My first London Gig venue, the Bull and Gate to close as a music venue, making the live music scene here more desolate. See where I’m coming from? The departure of Robin Sachs, and The creation of the DarkCompass DeadPool, who wants in?, and one luck german wins a €10,000 iTunes Voucher for downloading the 25 billionth tune. What can you buy with that, everything?

Picture: Drowning Susan

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DC 558 Crazeeeeness

This week, sorting stuff out, emotionally, technically, ethically, at home, work and head. It’s made me crazy – and for the first half of this show the music reflects that. Dropping the enhanced version of the show, a good idea? Is it worth doing? Do people appreciate it? My take on the demise of HMV and the lack of interest by the public over it, what now for the high street music shop? Getting into gigs for free by flashing.
Picture: Psy’Aviah

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