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DC767 GLHF Words

  1. Kadinja: GLHF (feat. Rick Graham) (from Ascendancy, Paris, France)
  2. Kaos Krew: Panama (Single Release, Finland, Inverse Records)
  3. Adrian Pain and The Dead Sexy: In Time (from “Mixed Messages”, Ontario, Canada, Asher, All-Core Records)
  4. Fennr Lane: Crawling (Single Release, Norway/UK)
  5. Behind The Sun: The Fall (from “Post Solis”, S.Carlina, USA, Self Release)
  6. Crnkshft: Tears Me Apart (from “Crnkshft”, British Colombia, Canada, Self Release, Asher)
  7. Danko Jones: My Little Rock’n’Roll (Single Release, Toronto, Canada, AFM Records), WildCat March
  8. Dread Sovereign: Twelve Bells Toll in Salem (from “For Doom The Bell Tolls”, Dublin, Ireland) 3rd March Release
  9. In Vein: Veil of Pain (Athens, Greece, Angels PR)
  10. Ominous Eclipse: The Horde (from “Sinister”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  11. Saving Athens: Loss for Words (New York, USA, Self Release, Direct)



DC758 We Will Force

  1. Charetta: We Will Survive (from “Fate Strikes Twice”, New York, Rich from Gravel Entertainment) Photo by:Deneka Peniston
  2. Ventenner: Anamnesis (from “Invidia”, London  UK, Hibernacula Records)
  3. Ddent: Arzel (from “آكتئاب” (Melancholy) Paris, France, Feb Release, Purple Sage PR)
  4. Heart Avail: Vacillation (from “Heart Avail”, Spokane, USA, Milagro Records)
  5. Inire: Wide Awake (from “Cauchemar”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  6. Cries of The Captive: Grief (from “Totalitarian”, Utah, Imminence Records)
  7. Solitude: Reach for The Sky (from “Beneath The Sky”, Japan, Test Your Metal)
  8. A Higher Demise: Tear It Down (from “To Death or Victory”, Dartford, UK, Ambicon Music Group)
  9. Wolfs Hunger: U Vatri Sazdan (from “Bez’te Zivi Vracaju Se Mrtvi”, Serbia, Symbol Domination Records)
  10. Far Beyond: Unrelenting Force (from “A Frozen Flame of Ice”, Germany, Aeterna Records)


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DC749 Our Collective

  1. Idlewar: On Our Knees (From “Impulse”, California, USA) Touring UK towards end of November
  2. Stojar: Na Styage Plamenny Zari (from “At Twilight of Battles By The Hammer Of Thunderstorms “, Russia, Stygian Crypt Records)
  3. Death is Liberty : Underdog (from “A Statement Darkness”, Finland, Concord Music )
  4. Old Chapel: Towards The End (from “Visions From Beyond” out on 7th Nov, Ivanovo, Russian Federation, Chaos Records, )
  5. The Extinct Dreams: Karma (from “Fragments of Eternity”, Barnaul, Russia, Stygian Crypt Records)
  6. Final Solution: Demon Inside (from “Through The Looking Glass”, Brecica, Italy, Logicillogic Records)
  7. Arcane Contruct: Ephemera (from “Arcane Constuct”, Auckland, New Zealand, Submitted, Matt)
  8. Bloodrite: Planet Alcatraz (from “Planet Alcatraz”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  9. Debackliner: Children of The Night (from “Debackliner”, France, Pitch Black Records)
  10. Crator: The Collective (from “The Ones who Create:The Ones who Destroy”, NYC, USA)

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DC734 New World Quack

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