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DC763 Rosehip War

  1. Nord: Rosehip Garden (from “Alpha”, Denmark, Inverse Records)
  2. 88 Mile Trip: Cowboys in HongKong (from “Blame Canada”, Canada, Asher, FREE EP)
  3. All Else Fails: The Sons of Plenty (from “The Forever Lie”, Canada, Asher, 17th Feb)
  4. Courtesans: Mesmerise (from “Better Safe Than Sober”, London, UK, Stampede, March)
  5. Fabio La Manna: Starchild (from “Ebe”, Torino, Italy, AgainstPR)
  6. Ghost Avenue: Escape (from “Impact”, Norway, Pitch Black Records, 3rd Feb)
  7. Ghost Season: Sons of Yesterday (from “Like Stars in A Neon Sky”, Athens, Greece, Pavement Entertainment)
  8. Invasion: Approaching Cauldron of Horror (from “Destroyer of Mankind”, Indiana, USA, Abyss Records, Clawhammer PR)
  9. Spitefuel: Sleeping with Wolves (from “Sleeping with Wolves”, Heilbronn, Germany, MDD Records)
  10. Teleport: Path of Omniscience (from “Ascendence”, Slovenia, Self Release, AgainstPR)
  11. Four Star Revival: Rumors of War (from “The Underdog”, Dayton Ohio, USA, Headstone Records)

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DC751 Wounded Tidebringer

  1. Skarlett Riot: The Wounded (Scunthorpe, UK)
  2. Myrkur: Onde Bern (Live)(From “Relapse Sampler”, Copenhagen, Denmark)
  3. Illyrian: Five By Five (from “Round2: Fight”, Calgary, Canada)
  4. Tactus: Feast or Famine (from “Bending Light”, New Brunswick, Canada)
  5. Vpaahsalbrox: Swallow The Wound (from “14 Sovereign”,Texas, USA, Pale Horse Records)
  6. Death: Zombie Ritual (from “Relapse Sampler”, Florida, Canada)
  7. MindAheaD: Three Sides of a Dangerous Mind (from “Reflections”, Italy, Revalve Records)
  8. Haan: The Cutting (from “Sing Praises”, New York, USA)
  9. Not My Master: Lies (El Paso, USA)
  10. Shark Infested Daughters: Tidebringer (from “These Tides, Our Tombs”, Calgary, Canada)


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DC748 Pulse to Die With

  1. Parasite Inc. The Pulse of The Dead (From “Time Tears Down”, Germany)
  2. Tactus: Colosus (from “Bending Light”, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Asher)
  3. Vola: Stray The Skies (from “inmates”, Denmark)
  4. In Death: Every Burial (from “The Devil Speaks”, Australia, Clawhammer)
  5. Scorched: Rot in Confinement (from “Echoes of Dismemberment”, Delaware, USA, Unspeakable Axe Records)
  6. Eternal Halloween: Eternal Halloween (Single)
  7. Numenor: Aeons of Magick (from “Swords and Sorcery”, Serbia, Stygian Crypt Productions)
  8. Helsott: Agamemnon (from “Woven”, USA, Asher)
  9. Solilquium: The Sorrow Path (from “An Empty Frame”, Sweden)
  10. Nine Miles South: Bones (Single Release, UK)
  11. Zombina and The Skeletones: Nobody likes you when you’re Dead (Liverpool, UK)
  12. Black Oath: A Song To Die With (from “Litanies In The Dark”, Italy)