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DC719 Tsunami Epic

  1.  Centrilia: Tsunami (from Momento Mori, Glasgow, Scotland)
  2. Scale The Summit: Whales (from The Collective, Texas, USA)
  3. Infernal Outcry: Eclipsed (from Mass Extinction Requiem I, Tasmania, Australia)
  4. Devotion: Feeling The Desert Air/P. Hamilton (from Words and Crystals, Italy)
  5. Buffalo Theory MTL: Skeptic Knight (from Skeptic Knight, Montreal, Canada)
  6. Sleepers Guilt: Vipassana/Angel Eyes (from Kilesa, Luxembourg)
  7. Mortichnia: Carrion Proclamation (from Heir to Scoria and Ash, Dublin, Ireland)
  8. Murder Made God: Urban Warfare (from Enslaved, Greece)
  9. Sunburst: Out of The World (from Fragments of Creation, Greece)
  10. Rapheumets Well: The Epic of Darmak (from The Exile, North Carolina, USA)


DC716 Violator Freedom

Only just returned from Hammerfest to find  lots of great stuff to listen too.

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DC715 Tantibus Strung

I talk about Canadian metal, Hammerfest and ongoing blogginess. 10 tracks from around the world for you to enjoy.
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Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2016

Thanks to Asher Media, you too can have 90 Canadian Metal tracks for free. This is all part of the Metal Battle Canada Competition.

Battle Rounds (Feb – May) – Final June 11 in  Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Its an intense battle, Asher have the knack of providing great info about the Canadian Bands and battles.   Inevitably one band will be given the chance to go to Wacken in Northern Germany on 4th-8th August.

It’s much like Bloodstock Battles going on at the moment, giving indie and unsigned bands chance to play at the top notch stages.

Listen to the songs and pick your favourites. Drop us a line and I will throughout the next few weeks report on your top bands progress. I’ll be reporting my favourite bands on this weeks DarkCompass, and continue to stay tuned to The Show for more info and plays from the Artists, Metal Battle website for progress of the bands.

Link to get the Tracks below.

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