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DC652 Low Things

  1. For The Broken: Low (from “For The Broken”, Kansas City, USA)
  2. Transcend: The Fall (from “Polymerase Chain”, UK)
  3. Idol of Fear: Circle of Vortices (from “All sights affixed, blazed”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  4. Mira: Monochromia (from “Three Pound Universe”, Russian Federation)
  5. Fallen to Flux: Alone (from “Piece by Piece”, London, UK)
  6. Kolony: Echoes (from “Sledge”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  7. Psycroptic: Echoes to Come (Tasmania, Prosthetic Records)
  8. Eschatos: Crusaders of Sodom (from “Hierophanies”, Riga, Latvia)
  9. Einherjer: Nord go Ner (from “Ov Oss, For Oss”, Norway, Century Media)
  10. Neurotech: The Act of Forgiveness (from “Infra Verses Ultra”, Slovenia)
  11. Circle of Reason: Silver Scene (Southampton, UK)
  12. Daveit Ferris: On The Wagon (from “A Taste of 365 Sparks”, Derry, Northen Ireland , Direct)
  13. Existential Animals: Vitreous Vale (from “Surrealith”,  Ohio,  USA)
  14. Horsehunter: Caged in Flesh (from “Caged in Flesh”, Melbourne, Australia)
  15. Gate of Horn: Djinn (from “The Fall of Samarkand”, New York, USA)
  16. Blodhemn: Veiten (from “H7″, Bergen, Norway)
  17. Mörti Viventi: Hell of Earth (from “The Day The Dead Returned”, UK)
  18. Fayne: Believers (from “The Queen of Kings”, Quebec, Canada, Asher)
  19. Conquer: A Worms Demise (Ontario, Canada)
  20. Dante: Monochrome (From “Monochrome”, Scotland)
  21. SSS: Shape of things to come (from “Limp.Gasp.Collapse”, Liverpool, Prosthetic Records)


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DC651 Bell Tolls The Old Ones

  1. Lord of Pagathorn: Old Bell Tolls (from “Nekros Philia”, Helsinki, Finland, Woodcut Records, Clawhammer)
  2. Einherjer: Nidstong (from “Ov Oss, For Oss”, Norway, Century Media)
  3. When Cities Sleep: Daydreamer (from “What Lies Lay Between Us”, Persistent Heart)
  4. Orange Goblin: Blood of Them (from “Back from The Abyss”, UK, Prosthetic Records)
  5. Hirondelle: The Secretary (from “From Ashes”, Bristol UK)
  6. Laugh at the Fakes: Cut To The Chase (from “Dethrone the Crown”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  7. Knight of The Round: FFVI Overture (from “South of Jidor”, Chicago, USA)
  8. Daveit Ferris: Blood (from “A Taste of 365 Sparks”, Derry, Northen Ireland , Direct)
  9. Fallen to Flux: Playing with Fire (from “Piece by Piece”, London, UK)
  10. For The Broken: Ain’t Nobody Innocent (from “For The Broken”, Kansas City, USA)
  11. Diamonds to Dust: Ashes to Ashes (from “Faith through Trials”, Persistent Heart, Manifest Records, NY, USA)
  12. Seven Deadly: From This Darkness (from “Obligation”, UK)
  13. Decimation: Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy (from Reign of Ungodly Creation”, Comatose Records, Clawhammer) 9th December
  14. Azgard: Blind (from “Blind Single”, Ukraine)
  15. Idillicah: The Mask (from “Rebirth of The Future”, Calgary, Canada, Asher)
  16. Mira: Three Pound Universe (from “Three Pound Universe”, Russian Federation)
  17. Kolony: The Trial (from “Sledge”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  18. Void Symmetry: Using namespace Symmetry (from “Using namespace Symmetry”, Poland)
  19. Sarpedon: Dead Birds (from “Anomic Nation”, Inverse Records, Norway)
  20. Astrakhan: Cupid Fist (from “A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin”, War on Skin Records, Clawhammer, Vancouver, Canada)
  21. I am Giant: Razor Wire Reality (from “Science and Survival”, New Zealand/London, UK, Plastic Head)
  22. Transcend: Refuse/Resist (from “Polymerase Chain”, UK)
  23. Bloodstained Ground: The Old Ones (from “A Poem of Misery”, Czars of Cricket, Switzerland)


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DC650 Cosmik Exorcisms

  1. Frank Zappa: Cosmik Debris (from “Apostrophe”, Zappa Records, Prescription PR)
  2. Laugh at the Fakes: Not Like Me (from “Dethrone the Crown”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  3. Echovolt: In Deep Enough (from “Odds on the Underdog”, Spain)
  4. Frostlagte Måne: Snøskred (from “Summoning Blizzard”, Moscow, Russia)
  5. Skywalker: Survival (from “We Are Louder Than you 2.0″, Prague, Czech Republic)
  6. Anguish:  The Woven Shield (from “Mountain”, Sweden, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  7. The Kut: I Want You Maniac (UK)
  8. When Cities Sleep: Two Faced (from “What Lies Lay Between Us”, Persistent Heart)
  9. Orange Goblin: Heavy Lies The Crown (from “Back from The Abyss”, UK, Prosthetic Records)
  10. Einherjer: Nornene (from “Ov Oss, For Oss”, Norway, Century Media)
  11. Hirondelle: Shutter (from “From Ashes”, Bristol UK)
  12. Ophidius: Glory of The Dead (from “The Throat of The World”, New Jersey, USA)
  13. Karkaos: The Condemned (from “Empire”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  14. Subservience: Upheaval (from “Upheaval”, Brighton UK)
  15. Seth Ect : Warning (from “DiMethylTriptamine”, Dusseldorf, Germany)
  16. Knight of The Round: Heavy Mako (from “South of Jidor”, Chicago, USA)
  17. Daveit Ferris: This is You Captain Speaking (from “A Taste of 365 Sparks”, Derry, Northen Ireland , Direct)
  18. The Dreaming: Alone (from “Alone”, Los Angeles, USA, Metropolis Records)
  19. Idol of Fear: Circle of Vortices (from “All Sights Affixed, Ablaze”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  20. Bella Morte: Exorcisms (from “Exorcisms”, Charlottesville, USA)


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DC649 Domani of Trust

  1. Cleaver:Domani Si Muore (from “Leur Sauvage Pousée”, Italy)
  2. The New Jacobin Club: Angel MMXIV (from “Soldiers of Tha Mark”, Canada)
  3. Monolyth: My Redemption (from “Origin”, Portugal, Alien Mosh PR)
  4. Phosphene: Jekyll and Hyde (Chicago, USA)
  5. Echovolt: Underdog (from “Odds on the Underdog”, Spain)
  6. Dystopic: Perfect World (from “Dystopic”, Australia)
  7. Dream Circus: Make Believe (from “Land of Make Believe”, Fazendas de Almeirim, Portugal)
  8. Blind Race: Hypocrite (from “Come and Get It”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  9. Huldra: Black Tides (from “Black Tides”, Utah, USA)
  10. Karkaos: Depths of Madness (from “Empire”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  11. Beastmilk: Fragile Grip (Helsinki, Finland)
  12. Shiran: Remain (from “Warm Winter Day”, Israel, Clawhammer)
  13. Richie Ramone: I know better now (from “Something in my drink”, USA, Stampede)
  14. Perdition Winds: Temple within (from “Aura of Suffering”, Helsinki, Finland, Inverse Records)
  15. Evil Scarecrow: Enter the Knightmare (from “Galactic Hunt”, UK)
  16. Nero Di Marte: Pulsar (from “Derivae”, Italy, Prosthetic Records)
  17. Spawning Abhorrence: Bloated Reverence (from “The Cursed Earth”, Leeds, UK)
  18. Laugh at the Fakes: Killing Time (from “Dethrone the Crown”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  19. Kadinja: Henry Call Mash Yes (from “We Are Louder Than You 2.0″, Paris, France)
  20. Anguish: Stir up The Demon (from “Mountain”, Sweden, Dark Descent Records, Clawhammer)
  21. Hybrid Circle: Trial of Trust (Arrival on Titan)(from “A Matter of Faith”, Italy)


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DC648 Autumn Special


  1. Kirra: Lies (Oklahoma, USA)
  2. Deathwhite: A Burden To Carry (Clawhammer)
  3. The Dead Daisies: Your Karma (USA, Tijuana GiftShop)
  4. The Scimitar: Void Traveller (California, USA)
  5. Joffel Project: She Builds Quick Mountains (Helsinki, Finland)
  6. Algebra: Feed Me More  (Switzerland, Unspeakable Records, Clawhammer)
  7. S 4 D: Sonic Disarray (Ontario, Canada)
  8. Fire Red Empress: Left Unspoken (Birmingham, UK, Stampede Records)
  9. Kinetik: Beyond Gone (USA)
  10. (Hed)P.E.:One More Body (California USA)
  11. Kadinja: We Are One (Paris, France)
  12. Pyramids on  Mars: Pyramids on Mars (Canada)
  13. Keitzer: The Last Defence (FDA Rekotz, Clawhammer)
  14. Eastern Front: Decent into Genocide (UK, Candlelight Records)
  15. Servers: King Things (South Yorkshire, UK)
  16. October File: Reinvention (UK, Candlelight)
  17. Devilment: Girl from Mystery Island (Ipswich, UK)
  18. The Body Politic: Armature (from “Egressor”, British Columbia, Canada, Pictured)
  19. The Royal Blasphemy: Corruption (UK)
  20. A Mouth Full of Matches: One by One (Manchester, UK)
  21. Celestial Ruin: Wrath of The Dragon (Vancouver, Canada, Know Asylum Records, Asher)
  22. Norilsk: Negatron (Voivod Cover)(Ontario, Canada, Asher
  23. Dellacoma: Change (Australia)
  24. In Search of Sun: The World is Yours (London, UK)
  25. Sons of Crom: Master of Shadows (Sweden)



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DC647 The Devils Universe

  1. Vreid: The Devils Hand (Norway)
  2. Psychostick: Bruce Campbell (from “Revenge of The Vengeance”, USA, Asher, 4th November)
  3. Zodiac: Swinging on The Run (from “Sonic Child”, Munster, Germany, Prosthetic Records)
  4. Eyes of Mara: Don’t Get Close (from “Eyes of Mara”, California, USA, Persistent Heart Records)
  5. Nader Sadek: Entropy Eternal (from “The Malefic: Chapter 3, USA, Clawhammer)
  6. Toothgrinder: Vibration (from “Vibration/Colour/Frequency”, New Jersey, USA)
  7. Confessions of a Traitor: Where Horizons Meet (from “Seasons”, London UK)
  8. Cleaver: Searching for Tragedy (from “Leur Sauvage Pousée”, Italy 2010)
  9. Evil Scarecrow: Crabulon (from “Galactic Hunt”, UK)
    Released 23rd)
  10. Frostlagte Måne: The Silence of Noreg Skog (from “Summoning Blizzard”, Moscow, Russia)
  11. Echovolt: Blow Us Away (from “Odds on the Underdog”, Spain)
  12. BornBroken: Watch The World Unwind (Single Release, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  13. Monolyth: Obsolete (from “Origin”, Portugal, Alien Mosh PR)
  14. The New Jacobin Club: The Treason (from “This Treason”, Canada)
  15. Phosphene: Let You Go (Chicago, USA)
  16. Kyng: Electric Halo (from “Burn the Serum”, UK)
  17. A Higher Demise: Here We Go Again (from “The Doctor Will See you now”, Bromley, UK)
  18. Spawning Abhorrence: Bleed the Unbelievers (from “The Cursed Earth”, Leeds, UK)
  19. Hybrid Circle: Trial of Trust (Colony of Salavation)(from “A Matter of Faith”, Italy)
  20. Privitas: Queen Nothing (from “Queen Nothing”, Leeds, UK)
  21. Karkaos: Leap of Faith (from “Empire”, Montreal, Canada, Asher)
  22. Shiran: Warm Winter Day (from “Warm Winter Day”, Israel, Clawhammer)
  23. Blind Race: Gone (from “Come and Get It”, Toronto, Canada, Asher)
  24. Dystopic: Universe (from “Dystopic”, Australia)


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DC646 Evolution Scar

  1. Skyharbor: Evolution (from “Guiding Lights”, UK, USA, India, Basik Records)
  2. Estado Novo: Dilitante(from “Estado Novo”, Inverse Records)
  3. Misophonia: Disintegration  (from “Vinctus”, Aarhus, Denmark)
  4. Claw: Sandstorm (from “Claw”, Switzerland)
  5. Sombre Tus Cenizas: El Carroñero (from “Sombre Tus Cenizas”, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  6. Vreid: Welcome Farewell (Norway)
  7. Reverted: Die My Saint (Camden, London, UK)
  8. Where Giants Once Stood: Illuminate (from “Live Above”, Ontario, Canada, Asher)
  9. Winger: Queen Babylon (from “Better Days Comin’, USA)
  10. Zodiac: A Penny a Dead horse (from “Sonic Child”
  11. Deserted Fear: Kingdom of Worms (from “Kingdom of Worms”, Germany)
  12. Sidious: Inexorable Revelation (from Reveled in Profane Spendour, UK, Clawhammer)
  13. Nader Sadek: Deformation by Incision (from “The Malefic: Chapter 3, USA, Clawhammer)
  14. Avenge the Sin: Enthronement of a Tyrant (from “Atonement”, Queensland, Australia, Asher)
  15. The Everyday Losers: Outta My Head (from “Social Paradise, Indiana, USA, direct)
  16. Eyes of Mara: Behind These Walls (from ”   “, California, UDA, Persistent Heart Records)
  17. Riwen: Karlsgrundet (from “Riwen”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  18. Posthum: To The Pits (from “The Black Northern Ritual”, Norway, Indie Recordings)
  19. Inferion: Contempt (from “This will Decay”, Miami, USA)
  20. Confessions of a Traitor: The Wolf, The Pack (from “Seasons”, London UK)
  21. Toothgrinder: Colour (from “Vibration/Colour/Frequency”, New Jersey, USA)
  22. 2 Wolves: Scar Collection (from “Shelter”, Finland, Inverse Records)


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DC643 Royale Slaves


  1. Sister Sin: Chaos Royale (from “Black Lotus” out 27th October 2014, Gothenburg, Sweden, Victory Records)
  2. Monolith: Prisoner of War (from “Voyager”, Canada)
  3. Harvs: Revelation (from “Curiosities”, Australia)
  4. Sea of Trees: Wasted Potentian (Feat. Brandon Davis) (from “Envision”, Albany, USA)
  5. Madrost: Universal Energy (from “Into the Aquatic Sector”, Self Release, Clawhammer PR)
  6. The Van Desh: It Reminds Me (from “It Reminds Me”, Stockholm, Sweden, Barry International)
  7. Viathyn: The Coachman (from “Cynosure”, out 7th October 2014, Calgary, Canada, Asher)
  8. Capsize: Linger (from “The Angst in my Veins”, San Diego, USA, Impericon Records)
  9. Kryosphere: Anthem of a Conscience (from “At Six Feet”, Canada)
  10. Mercutio: Back to Nowhere (London, UK)
  11. The Sirens: Reality (London, UK)
  12. Shrine: Say you Will (Brighton, UK)
  13. Warcrab: In this Iron Tomb (from “When Planets Collide Presents”, Plymouth, UK)
  14. Northern Crown: A Perfectly Realized Torment (from “In the Hands of the Betrayer”, debut 14th October 2014, Florida USA)
  15. Womit Angel: The Witchhammer (from “Holy Goatse”, Tampere, Finland, Clawhammer PR)
  16. Towers of Flesh: Blind-Worm-Cycle (from “Antithetical Conjurations”, UK, Candlelight, Clawhammer)
  17. Mirrelia: Nurse December (from “The Actor”, Toronto, Canada, Persistent Heart)
  18. Anup Shastry: Perspective (from “Titan”, USA)
  19. Endless: Condemned (from “Realist”, Conneticut, USA)
  20. Quartered: Violent Love (from “Eyes and Tears”, Vancouver, Canada, Asher)
  21. Thirteendays: Mountain (Klagenfurt, Austria,  Las Vegas Records)
  22. With Different Eyes: Resurrection (from “Singles”, Poland)
  23. 1349: Slaves (from “Massive Cauldron of Chaos”, out 29th September, Norway, Indie Recordings)


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DC642 Antichrist Tides


Fornicus: AntiChrist (From “Storming Heaven”, Kentucky, USA, Clawhammer)

Saith: Revive (from “Herbalist” EP, South Wales, Direct)

Pist: Pist (From Riffology, UK)

The Erkonauts: Dominium Mundi (from “I Did Something Bad”, Geneva, Switzerland, Music Submit)

The Hell: Groovehammer (from “Groovehammer”, UK, Prosthetic Records)

Cloudkicker: One Crazy Night (from “Fade”, Ohio, USA)

IKILLYA: … And Hell Followed with Him (from “Recon”, New York, USA)

The End: Across the Ocean (from “White Lotus”, Kalyan, India)

Harvs: Awaken (from “Curiosities”, Australia)

Plini: Tarred and Feathered (from “Sweet Nothings”, Australia)

Sea of Trees: Workaholic (from “Envision”, Albany, USA)

Mutagenocide: Hysteria (from “Devolve”, UK,  Radnauseam Records, Imperial PR)

Madrost: Frozen Beneth The Snow (from “Into the Aquatic Sector”, Self Release, Clawhammer PR)

Devilment: Mother Kali (from “The Great and Secret Show”, UK, Direct, Pictured)

Carnivora: Human Decimator (from compilation “Operation: Underground”, Massachusetts , USA, Bluntface Records)

Pillars of Creation: Together We Fall (Las Vegas, USA)

Mirrelia: Six Over Seven (from “The Actor”, Toronto, Canada, Persistent Heart

Anup Shastry: Titan (from “Titan”, USA)

Endless: Cult (from “Realist”, Conneticut, USA)

Mindset Evolution: The Change (Ilinois, USA)

Last Leaf Down:  Fake Lights in the Sky (Switzerland)

The Mark of Man: One with The Tides (from “Exeunt”, New Zealand)


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DC638 Revenge Dragon


Kill Matilda: I want Revenge (Canada)

Eastern Front: Retribution Sky (UK, Candlelight)

Pyramids on Mars: Battle For Rome (Canada)

Noisem: Voices in The Morgue (Baltimore, USA, A389 Records)

De Profundis: Singularity (UK)

Subversion: Novation (London, UK)

Powerlord: Silent Terror (Shadow Kingdom, Clawhammer)

Blackwolf: Moving Mountains (UK)

Deceptionist: Sunshine (Rome, Italy)

Goathanger: Pockets and Crosses (Australia, Email)

Johnny Touch: Black Company (Australia, Shadow Kingdom Records, Clawhammer)

White Reaper: Conspirator (Kentucky, USA, Prescription PR)

Keitzer: Fleshcrawl (FDA Rekotz, Clawhammer)

Gire: Éjmély (Hungary)

Unbeing: Tetris Rufus (Montreal, Canada, Asher)

Protokult: Heaven Cast Me Out (Canada, Asher)

Awooga: Where The Others Go (Sheffield, UK, Fourthcitymusic)

As We Whisper: Silent Rays

A Mouthful of Matches: One By One (Manchester, UK)

Diesel King: Horror, Disgust (UK, Hammerfest Doom Stage, previously played on 627)

Celestial Ruin: Wrath of The Dragon (Vancouver, Canada, Know Asylum Records, Asher) Pictured


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