DarkCompass 385 – Rock Band Cosmos

Great tunes, with comments about funding terrorism with Rock Band.


This week,Out again to hear some great music for you to enjoy. Weird ways of finding great tunes. After the success(!) of The Beatles Rock Band, expect a Lego one featuring Iggy Pop and Bowie, and fund terrorism with the forthcoming U2 Edition of Rock Band! Changes to the website, making things easier for future expansion, but all in all great music from around the world.
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DarkCompass 372 – Stuffing the Charts


Deep Purple fined for playing their own music, Sexy jobs advertised in Job Centre, The Cult say albums are dead, and the music industry want to add Game Music Downloads into the charts. Where will the pirate and independent radio stations going to go after the switchover?

Tracks played this week are:

Continental, by Queen V – USA

Jigga, by Sir Ged – Germany

Deiu Erotique, by Suite 4o6 – Belgium – Get it from dPulse

Love will tear us apart, by Nouvelle Vague – France – Get track from iTunes

Into the Sun (feat Pixie Guts), by Voide – Sweden

Slipping away, by Cling – UK – Find more on iTunes

False Jesii Part 2, by Pissed Jeans – USA – Get track from SubPop

This ain’t Lake Minnetonka, by The Smyrk – USA – Get track from iTunes

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