DCMS 76 4warned

This time, fore-armed is fore-warned, with news from Hammerfest, SOAR vs. Basick, and other fests going on.
Enjoyed the music from Bloodstock? I did.
Anyway, over an hour of tunes from around with one thing in common, they all rock!

Picture: 4arm (Nick Mahar Photography)

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DC 466 Taxi anyone?

KooqlaThis week, a mixed bag. Easter weekends, driving over 100 miles each day ferrying around kids.
Sunny and warm, wet and windy, Royal weddings. RIP Elisabeth Sladen and Poly Styrene.
Tescos and blinkbox, two good things get together.
The Tube revival?, nah, but there is something missing music wise.
More thoughts on Podcrawl in May.
Apologies for the buzz through out me talking (if you can hear it).
Picture: Kooqla

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DarkCompass 363 – Spinal Vatican

Robot DisasterThis week, busy, wanting to work from home. Catching up with movies, wanting reviews, Vatican blocks films?, last two remaining Beatles to make even more money from RockBand, and Spinal Tap to do a One Day World Tour.

Music on this show this week:

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