Made In The UK Show 137

Made In the UK # 137

Today‚Äôs show is co-hosted by Pete Cogle from Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory , Dave & Caroline Lee from The Bugcast and Colin Gazeley from the Ourobouros Podcast.

Track Listing

Pete’s Choice: Souq Rats by Souq Dragon. Croydon, England. Dave and Caroline’s Choice: Avalanche, by Kick To Kill. Glasgow Scotland. […]

Made in The UK 131 – 4th Aniversary Show

Made in The UK is now 4 years old. Thanks to all the people who have contributed, and the artists that have let us play their tunes. This show is a little odd. Everyone has submitted a track, which has previously been submitted by a different host. Listen, and you’ll get the picture. […]

Made In the UK Show 95 – Podcrawl Summer 2010

A great special, with beer and recording device we had a great time, with tunes from around the country, as well as podcasters.


‘Sunny Blunts’ by The Pocket Gods (St. Albans), submitted by Pete ‘Born Again’ by Stevie and The Moon (Edinburgh), submitted by Colin ‘It’s On’ by Modern English (London), Submitted by Stuart […]

Made in the UK 85

Hi, it’s Rowley. It’s been a while since I’ve been at the helm of this show, lets see how I get on. Thanks to our two newest hosts, Sarah and Justin for the last couple of shows, this time around I have three regulars helping me out, Stuart from Insomnia Radio UK, and Dave and […]

Made in the UK 53

An all Host SPECIAL!A new year, and Made in the UK Starts with a special featuring all the current hosts, and their favourite groups of last year.

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Rowleys Submission:King of England, by The Hot Puppies(Aberwystwyth)Izzies Submission:Amsterdam, by Danny Gruff(Wrexham)Alans Submission:Plans, by Satellite State(Guildford)Colins Submission:Part of the Factory, by Slovakia(Bath)Gabors Submission:Am I Crazy?, […]