Made In The UK 90

This week Pete Cogle takes the helm and navigates the Star Ship MIUK in some very strange discussions about animals with Justin Wayne, eavesdrops on part of a podcast from Gabor Kovacs, chooses a track The Grumbler would have chosen if he wasn’t busy and has a phone call with Vince Millet. Phew!

This week’s tracks:

Cheeky Bastard, by WaGaWaGa. Brighton, England. (Pete’s Choice)

Come Clean, by The Operation. Frome, England. (Justin’s Choice)

Stop Forgiving, by Hot Beds.London, England. (Gabor’s Choice)

Beck and Call (Spidersleg remix), by Noblesse Oblige. (Grumbler’s choice….sort of…)

If I Had A Girl, by Hot Fiction. London, England.  (Justin’s Choice)

Secret Archive, by Secret Archives of the Vatican. Croydon, England. (Pete’s Choice)

Head Over Heels, by The Self Help Group. Brighton, England. (Justin’s Choice)

SSP, by GodManWho. UK. (Pete’s Choice)

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