Canyon of The Skull Release Debut

Good morning everyone!
Have a slice of Doom to start the day from Canyon of The Skull. Based in Austin Texas, This two track EP is due on the 30th, for now check out their 2013 Demo EP.

Selvans – Lupercalia

S E L V A N S are
1. a god of the woodlands, cognate with Roman Silvanus. His name is mentioned on the Piacenza Liver, a bronze model of a sheep’s liver used for divinatory rites.
2. A Black Metal band from Italy, blending Folklore, Mysticism, and a huge wall of sound.

Lupercalia is their debut album, out on the 25th October, they did release a smaller EP called Clangores Plenilunio earlier in the year.
It brings folk black metal back into the limelight for me after a wasteland for a few months.
Out officially on the 25th October, but you can stream it here.


Thanks to Grand Sounds

An Open Letter to Mr. Townshend

I recently listened to your lecture on BBC 6 Music (for those who have not heard it, listen here)
You stated that you did not know if the spirit of John Peel was out there on the internet.
It is.

There are a number of music podcasters out there pioneering independent artists from around the world.
Music podcasting has been around for 8 years and we predominantly use itunes to distribute the shows, all with the permissions of artists, labels, and under Creative Commons Licenses to protect them.

The UK contingent (at, were all John Peel listeners, and we hope we are doing it in the spirit of John. I would like to think John would be doing what we are doing now.

I am one of them, and after listening to the lecture, I felt that there was really not enough research done before presenting as we’ve been here a while.

For more investigation and to hear music podcasting at it’s best, visit
Made in the UK

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China Days #1

China Connection a little flaky but here goes.
Arrived in China on the `19th at 6:45am, and I should have gone to bed straight away, but The Forbidden City and The infamous square beckons, so after visiting them, being swamped by vendors selling fake watches, CDs, DVDs and postcards, Mark, Mick and myself arrived to see this abosolutly HUGE building.
The Forbidden City, it suggests well, go in and get arrested, but it’s one of the most commercial places in the city. There is even a starbucks in there too. Wonderful gardens though.
It started raining when I got to Tianenemen, so that was short lived.
I was really knackered, so back to the hotel.
Up not so early on the 20-th and hit the great Wall of China before going back to the airport for the flight to Kunming.
I walked a small amount of the Wall as the climb was a bit much, I got to the first teir and I thought I was going to die, my heart was in my ears. It proves I am well unfit.
The flight to Kunming was very uneventful, and arrived in Kunming at around 7pm. Met Fan, one of the Chinese engineers that waws at work during the initial build of the telescope.
We went for some food in the town, hit a roadside restraunt and expose Mark to squid. He was not impressed.
Called work, home and crashed out.
Work very early and headed out to the shops, both Mark and Mick wanted to get an MP3 player each. That was “fun” as both Fan and myself already had these kind of things.
I picked up a good set of speakers for site work, music while you work always helps.
Flight to Lijiang next……..