DarkCompass 14

darkcompass: Podcast 14

Tuesday evening with Vikki and Graeme.

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Warning: Large File, 2 hours 25 minutes 41mb

This podcast is of the 25th January, a tuesday evening with Graeme and Vikki from Liverpool. I go over with some alcohol, and play board and computer games. This podcast is what happens. Do I get an award for the longest podcast?




Drink selection

Scissor Sisters

Harry Enfield

Telescope Jokes

Lighthouse Project North West)

Fluxx Rules

Stoner Fluxx

Graeme the Spaced Fan promotes Spaced-Out.org.uk

Podcast explanation

Tank Boy the Hamster

Hamster Acrobatics

More Fluxx


Other Animals


End of Fluxx, Vikki Wins.

Fact or Crap (45 minutes in, podcast gets more interesting)

More Music

A-Z CD Stacking


Graeme’s Mums House Rental in Florida


More Fact or Crap

Fag Break for Vikki and Graeme

Rowley on his own.

Vikki wants to know…..

Comments to me please

Handheld neglect

More Fact or Crap

Diwali question debate, Graeme’s hindu/muslim mate story.

Vikki Wins F or C

Bye-bye Internet


Background Music provided by

Scissor Sisters

Stan Getz


The Darkness


“Congratulations on ordering your Demon Broadband Service.

What happens next?

You will be contacted, via email, by our ADSL Provisioning team within 10 working days as your order progresses through our provisioning process. We hope that you will be totally satisfied with your choice of the Demon Express Service. Very soon you could be enjoying all of the benefits associated with Broadband Internet access. ”

I cannot believe I’ve just done it, taken the plunge.

Only a 512k line unlimited access But that’s for starters, we’ll see how it goes. All I need do now is inform Wannadoo that I want to drop the £14.99 dialup account. I’ve been with Wannadoo for years (when they were first Freeserve), Demon have been around for years, mainly for business use.

Oooo, I can’t wait. Gear up the computer for downloading so uch over the week all ready for me at the weekend.

I could have gone for the fixed IP addresses, but I will at a later date, when the DarkCompass Home infrastructure is finalised.

This will be some time because of little Raine is due in the next week or so, so that will take up my time.