DC 584 Cathartic Silhouettes

This week, stormy weather and royal babies. The apocalypse has started. Lets tune in with some great music from, well, mainly Germany this week.
Pic: Shining

You will hear:

  1. Weapon Status Red: Silhouettes USA, Donarus
  2. Red Seas Fire: Turner and Hooch UK
  3. Extol: A Gift Beyond Human Reach Norway
  4. Scanner: You’re Out of School and No One Cares USA
  5. Arts of Erebus: Point of No Return Germany
  6. Shining: I Won’t Forget Norway, Prosthetic
  7. Scale The Summit: Odyssey USA, Prosthetic Records
  8. Witches Mark: Glaves USA
  9. I Am The Trireme: ILC, Eternal Wrath of The Tyrant USA
  10. Dehuman Reign: Irreversible Soul Consumption Germany, FDA Rekotz, Clawhammer
  11. Trash The Dress: Make It A Double USA
  12. DOLL: Plastic Lies Canada, Asher
  13. Circles: As It is Above Australia, Basick
  14. Wound: Echoes Germany
  15. Burial Vault: Catharsis Germany, Apostasy Records, Clawhammer

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One thought on “DC 584 Cathartic Silhouettes”

  1. Another cool Scale The Summit track.

    And this is the first time I’ve heard of the subgenre “Christian progressive metal.” But, why not?

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