DC 500 Review Show

A selection of some of the best tracks, you the listener have selected from the last years shows.

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You will hear:
Bad Pollyanna: My Incubi requested by Insane Star (DC470, May)
We Are Augustines: Chapel Song requested by Graham in Toronto (DC463, April)
Psy’Aviah feat. Ayria: Into The Game requested by Colin from Bath, UK (DC477, July)
Dead When I found her: In The Air Tonight requested by Dave from South Yorkshire, UK (DC490, October)
Chinese Man: Get Up, requested by IronFroggy on Twitter (DC483, August)
Four Star Mary: Marlene, requested by jontheniceguy on Twitter (DC464, April)
Foundry Road: Hide and Seek, requested by Erk on Facebook (DCMS 54, July)
The Steals: All Coming Back (The Soap Company Remix) (DC457, February)

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