An Open Letter to Mr. Townshend

I recently listened to your lecture on BBC 6 Music (for those who have not heard it, listen here)
You stated that you did not know if the spirit of John Peel was out there on the internet.
It is.

There are a number of music podcasters out there pioneering independent artists from around the world.
Music podcasting has been around for 8 years and we predominantly use itunes to distribute the shows, all with the permissions of artists, labels, and under Creative Commons Licenses to protect them.

The UK contingent (at, were all John Peel listeners, and we hope we are doing it in the spirit of John. I would like to think John would be doing what we are doing now.

I am one of them, and after listening to the lecture, I felt that there was really not enough research done before presenting as we’ve been here a while.

For more investigation and to hear music podcasting at it’s best, visit
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  1. Well said Rowley. Townsend clearly just searched wildly for music, rather than searching for a guide. It’s like walking down the high street looking for records in furniture stores and clothes shops. You need to go to the right place for the right guidance.

    Podcasters, Bloggers, Netlabelists, DIY musicians and anyone who is prepared to take a leap and use creative commons licenses are those guides.

    This lecture was a wasted opportunity, delivered by an aged rock star who just whinged about the money. No wonder, when we meet the new boss, he’ll be just like the old boss.

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